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today we will be sponsor shopping at ccy designs! cassie and i met organically through blogging and have grown to be texting buddies, encouraging each other each chance we get! even though her shop is young (it started in september of 2011), don't let that fool you! this girl is very talented and even more driven! she is a mom to two adorable boys and a wife to a pretty awesome hubby.

how did you learn to do what you do?
with the handmade signs you can find in my shop, it all started with the loads of fun sign. i wanted that sign in my laundry and i didn't have the extra money to spend on buying it. but i had the materials on hand so i had to see if i could do it and i did! from then on i knew i had to keep making them because i fell in love with the whole process of it! as for the custom headers, i just started playing around with them. first mine, then my cousins, and so on. i really love it. i love desiging all the fun stuff that goes with headers and making it unique for that person! and finally, for my newest items, the jewelry, I taught myself. i really, really wanted new earrings but i didn't want to buy them. so, i wanted to try my hand at making them and i had so much fun that i decided to keep making them. there will also be necklaces coming to the shop soon!

light pink and gray flower
light pink and gray flower design

where do you find your inspiration?
for my handmade signs, quotes and sayings from the internet most of the time. sometimes words just pop into my head and i know they have to be put down on a sign. other times i will ask for opinions - it really all varies. the custom headers are easy - i get inspiration from blogs and the person behind that blog. for the jewelry, i find it right now from what i am looking for in jewelry, but i also get it from all the ladies in my family and also etsy is another great place for inspiration!

precious love earrings
precious love earrings

what is your favorite handmade shop?
oh gosh. this is so difficult to answer because there are so many great shops! so i'm going to pick two favorites. little miss momma's etsy shop is adorable. she makes beautiful pillows and beautiful jewelry. you should really go check her out! my other favorite shop, oh yes you guessed it! skye's etsy shop. even though we both have handmade signs, let's face it, she is beyond talented. every time i see a new sign in her shop i am in comlete awe!

{wow cassie! thanks! i am seriously blushing over here!}

red and white flower design
red and white flower design

what is your favorite item in your shop?
my first favorite is definitely the gray sign with the light pink flower on it! my second favorite item in my shop are my precious love earrings, they really make my heart go pitter patter. =D

cassie 1
custom header made for classic & bubbly

give us one tip for aspiring handmade artists.
the best tip i can give you is believe in yourself. if you feel like yours isn't going to be as good as someone else or if you're not sure you can do something like that it can really get you down. so believe in yourself - really believe in yourself and you will be surprised at what you can do and don't give up. if something doesn't go your way, run with it! who knows - it may turn out even better than what you originally planned!


i am totally head over heels that gorgeous header cassie made for classic & bubbly!

be sure to visit cassie's shop for a cute sign for your home or a custom made blog header! she has already received one glowing testimonial from a customer and she is so excited to design more headers!

find cassie here:
blog | shop | pinterest | facebook | email

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