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{simple & stylish scarf how to}

a couple of weeks ago on my wiww post, i received a couple of questions about how i tie my scarves. so i thought i'd show you on here how i do my favorite method and where i got it from.

simple & stylish scarf tutorial

thursday 9/6/11

step one
scarf step 1

lay your scarf out long-ways and fold it in half.

step two
scarf - step 2

tie the two corners into knots to connect them.

step three
scarf step 3

you have basically just created an infinity scarf, except with a little extra texture and pizazz!. put that around your neck.

step four
scarf step 4

loop it again around your neck, making sure the knotted ends stay in the front.

(evidently i was really excited about this step!)

step five
scarf step 5

pull one of the knotted ends through and over the top loop of the scarf.

step six
scarf step 6

and finally, fluff! this method is so simple and always looks polished.

i learned how to do this via this pin on my pinterest boards. if you are looking for lots of ways to tie a scarf i would highly recommend just googling it! there are so many great ideas out there! :)


  1. Awesome! I got rid of most of my scarves a few years ago because I wasn't wearing them. But, I just got a new Anthropologie scarf on sale and will try this with it!!

  2. I LOVE scarves and this is super cute. I've found that scarves don't really work with my huge belly anymore, but I'm still trying new and different ways of wearing them in hopes to strike gold! :-)

  3. HUGE thanks you from a woman of many thumbs!!!!
    This is awesome help
    (and you're adorable);
    my neck is grinning with gratitude:)

  4. Great tutorial. I was just talking with one of my friends today about how to tie and wear scarves....and I had no idea! ;)

  5. Love this; and I just tried it... But I think the scarf I used was too wide and not long enough. It really just looked like the scarf had been tangled up in the vacuum cleaner, and I wrapped it around my neck anyway! Perhaps, I'll try again tomorrow, with a different scarf!

  6. I'm so glad you did this! I saw that pin on pinterest and could NOT get it. :) I really wanted to a scarf that way but the directions were not working for me. Thanks for the great tutorial!


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