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{rhapsody in view 2011}

as i have probably mentioned in these parts before, my husband was a member of the centenary college choir, the singing ambassadors of america, from 2001-2005. every year they have a show in the fall called rhapsody in view where the choir performs. it is always a wonderful performance.

this year was the 70th anniversary of the choir. we try to go every year but this year we definitely had to make an appearance.


one particular thing about rhapsody in view that i cherish is that is where chris and i got engaged four years ago! so it is always sweet for us to return to our engagement spot, which was a beautiful overlook point on the red river that separates shreveport from bossier city.

next year i will have to remember to get some pictures there! :)


this year we were especially lucky to get to spend a couple of days with our good friends jared and alina. (click on their names to get to their blogs!)


we stayed with a family that chris served with at a church in shreveport while he attended centenary. the wilkinsons (which i talk about a little here) are so gracious and lots of fun too. they have adopted all of us like we were there own!

jared & alina with some choir alum

on friday night we went to ristorante giuseppe's in shreveport for the 2000s decade party. it was nice to for chris to catch up with some of his old friends and for me to see some of my new friends again.



can i just admit that my husband is still a lady's man? there is definitely a reason he was part of the flirty family while he was in college.


our friends rachel and katy once my husband got out of the picture.


this is totally random, but the wilkinsons have the cutest kitten. i'm not even really a cat person but this little chick was precious.


saturday morning, the boys headed out to choir rehearsal, both representing centenary and their favorite college football teams.

my fingers are crossed that these two teams will be meeting in a few short weeks in new orleans. thats all i am sayin.


in a moment of boys will truly be boys, chris and jared beat our friend trey into taking the obligatory picture after we had lunch at good eats in shreveport. where, incidentally, i had one of the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup i have ever had the pleasure to enjoy.


saturday night is the concert that most of the alumni attend. they are invited to come and sing with the choir during the second half of the show. it is also a good excuse to dress up and head out on the town. although here it looks more like we are going to prom our junior year.


now we look like pastors and wives. which is what we actually are. except alina is actually a pastor as well. so i am the odd man out.


jared and alina are expecting their first baby, affectionately dubbed "spare" until the gender is revealed when the little tot makes its first appearance, in april of next year. she is right around 18 weeks in the picture and she looks beautiful. she definitely has that pregnant woman glow about her.


and i love this picture. it is really just crafty cropping, but when you take out the fact that the parents are really laughing a goofing off, this is really a sentimental and thoughtful little gesture.

so that is what we were up to last weekend (lie. complete lie. this was like three weeks ago). what have you been up to?


  1. Sounds/looks like you had a really good weekend! I have to agree that kitty is adorable! I love the outfit your wearing when ya'll get all dressed up && congrats to your friend on expecting!! =D

  2. That last picture is just adorable! And that scarf your wearing?? The perfect color!

  3. So glad you got this post up! Love it. And all the pictures of all of us are awesome, especially that one of Zoe! Miss you!


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