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{ikea trip recap - better late than never!}

and today, i am awarding myself with the lamest blogger award. ever. in the history of all blogger time.

because remember when i posted about going to georgia? like, 100 years ago? and i was so excited about my shopping trip to ikea? i even made a visual list for you.

what i was really documenting was my inability to follow through. because today, yes over two months later, i am going to finally tell you some of the things i got while i was there.

that is right - only some. because i still haven't had time to put most of it out. and the things that are in use are already covered in dirt and dog hair. because that is how we roll in our house.

anyways - upon my return from georgia... my guest bedroom looked much like the ikea bag vommed all over the room...

ikea trip

pretty, no? at this point, i had taken the three green pillowcases out of their packages and put them on the three new square pillows i got. i had unwrapped the two sets of curtains sitting at the end of the bed and my husband had taken my rug off the cardboard tube. there are a couple of green plants poking out behind the gray comforter (not on the list - but i HAD to have it.).

mind you this was after a nearly 15 hour car drive. i was a little bit um. haywire. yes. let's just go with that.

the first thing i did was change out my bed clothes.

ikea trip bed before

off came our "summer comforter" (which is a really thin blue coverlet from ikea) and the yellow sheets (which needed to be washed and i'm impatient and wanted to put it all back together RIGHT NOW so i couldn't wait) and on went my beautiful new gray lovely snuggly comforter.

ikea trip bed after

so clean and pretty.

ikea trip bed after 2

i love the quilting pattern. is that what this is called? that is what i'm calling it.

also - note that the damn thing has been on the bed long enough for me to take two - maybe three - pictures and there is already dog hair on it. living the good life here.

ikea trip bed after 3

i grabbed the yellow pillow i made (see here) and threw it on there because i am nothing if not trendy. grey and yellow makes me smile. anyways - you can find the comforter here. (and i should probably mention that one of the reasons i HAD TO HAVE IT is because it is named after one of my bestest friends, alina!)

next we have the two plants that i bought.


one of which made an appearance in the living room decorations post...

pantry top - after

the other debuted in the fall decorations post.

one of my other favorite things i got were some drawer organizers. unfortunately, in my haste to get them out of the packaging and into my drawers, i did not write down what they were and therefore cannot relay this vital information to you. i also cannot find them on the ikea website. so. if anyone knows what they are please tell me in the comments!

brace yourself. you are about to see a picture of my bra & underwear drawer.


i know.

ikea after drawers

what? do you not have an underwear drawer? close your mouth and let's move on.

these are drawer dividers (and the best part is they are made for ikea furniture so they fit like a gem) and they store flat (like everything ikea) and expand open and the bottom kind of zips shut. i know that sounds weird but i want to describe it accurately so maybe one of you folks will know what i'm talkin about and can help a sister out!

ikea after drawers

they came with 6 to a pack - two small square ones (about 4" x 4"), two large square ones (about 8" x 8") and two skinny rectangular ones (about 4" x 8").

ikea after drawers 3

they are perfect for organizing the drawers in a hemnes dresser but i'd imagine they are pretty versatile to work anywhere. they come in black, white and purple. i bought a black set for chris and a purple set for me.

and yes. my drawers look like this on a daily basis. don't judge.

next... i bought two sets of these panels.

curtain panels 1

these are birgit panels. they are a linen like material with a pretty flower thingy on them. i bought them for the guest room but now that i have them home and opened i have another idea for them altogether.

curtain panels 2

i am very excited about this idea but i have to figure out how i want to do it first. basically, i am going to decorate my master bedroom around these here panels. i just have to figure out what that means exactly first.

and finally, i got my rug.



and i kinda sort of love it! you can see a tiny corner of it peeking out under my coffee table here. it is a tad bit small for the room right now but after i paint the black cabinets and finish them out with some trim i think it will fit a little better.

so that is most of what i came home from ikea/georgia with. does someone (anyone. please.) know what those dang drawer dividers are called? it's driving me bonkers!

ps - this post was generously sponsored by my loving and amazing father who helped out with the bill for these purchase since he loves and adores me.

and maybe because i'm a little bit of a daddy's girl.



  1. I love the new quilt! I hear ya about the dog hair, ours looks the same. I have those same plants. Love them because they already have a dusty look so no need to dust!

  2. we are rug twins :) ours was in our living room for those summer months but i switched it out for a warmer toned one for fall / winter. it's currently in our guest bedroom not being loved and adored. so love and adore your rug to make mine feel a little better :) lol

  3. Looking back at other posts and your house seems so organised .. mines just a mess lol x

  4. umm.. are we the same person? lol
    1.) I have those curtains from IKEA in my bedroom. Love.
    2.) I am a crafting hoarder.
    3.) I have a wall full of crosses in my house.
    4.) Longview?!? I am from Henderson! :)

    Would love for you to stop by my blog- www.morebangforyourbucks.blogspot.com and say hi!

  5. I love all the updates, and your bedding is so pretty! I'm thinking an ikea trip may be in my near future...


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