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{holiday home boutique recap}

i am very proud and super excited to announce that our first holiday home boutique can be counted as a success!

we learned a lot about the dynamics of a home boutique and jordan and i, the never ending event planners, are already considering another one in the spring! we are thinking a girls' night out margarita party themed fete... but you know i will be sharing details with you if they come around.

for now lets talk about how awesome this year's boutique was!

first of all, guests were welcomed in to the absolutely gorgeous home of one of my best friends, jordan warner. she and her husband worked tirelessly to get their house ready for lots of strangers to traipse through it and i cannot thank them enough for that work!

welcome table

guests signed in with their email address and registered for door prizes. we also provided shopping lists for them to use so they didn't miss anyone on their list!


we had small snacks set around the house for guests to have a nibble on while they shopped. we didn't want to have a centralized food location because we wanted guests to meander about.

and now for a showcase of our lovely vendors!


first up is the lovely jordan herself. she is extremely creative and very "artsy-fartsy" {her terminology. not mine!}. she makes gorgeous wreaths! aptly named beautifully twisted, they are custom made, light weight, and can be personalized for any event or holiday. if you are interested in one of her wreaths (and you really should be) just drop me an email and i will get you in touch with her!



next is another one of my really good friends, emily dejarnette. emily has been painting since her fingers could hold a paint brush. she is a very talented artist! she can do custom pieces but loves to churn out cute owl paintings, which i think are perfect for nurseries! she just opened her etsy shop, artsaysalot, and hasn't had a sale just yet but you'd be remiss to not check it out!


our thirty-one rep was a local gal named whitney harper.

hall closet

the hall closet, a small, local boutique, showed up in full force. they had scarves, wallets, necklaces, and fun floral headbands just to name a few things.



justina salassi showcased some of her gorgeous handmade jewelry. seriously yall, her jewelry was to DIE for. it was all so intricate and well thought out. i was so impressed.


scentsy was well represented by monica hill. she was probably the most popular booth all night and she had the house smelling so yummy! i fell in love with that green and white christmas burner. so beautiful! :)


and finally our pampered chef whiz catherine chance brought lots of fun gadgets and delicious recipes to share! the pesto bread she made was to die for. so yummy!


and oh yeah - i was there too! :)

all in all we had a wonderful time, a pretty decent turnout, and took a lot of notes for the next one!

ps: don't forget that our parties are open until this friday, 11/11. please click here for a discount code and links to the shows for ordering!!


  1. That looks so fun! Great idea about the food, I'll have to keep that in mind for parties too. Glad yall had a great show!

  2. So fun! Looks like it turned out beautiful!!


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