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{hello country bumpkin....}

there's frost out on the pumpkin...

anyone? anyone? bueller?


there. your life has been forever changed. for the better.

anyways. in case any of you haven't noticed it is fall! and fall always means cool(ish) air, lots of pretty decorations and the inevitable sound of my husband jumping up and down saying "the tumpkins are coming! the tumpkins are coming!"

because it is perfectly acceptable for an almost-thirty-year-old-man to get excited about pumpkins. right?

pumpkin patch 7

anyways - on a complete whim the other day we decided to go to first united methodist church in west monroe and play in the pumpkin patch.

pumpkin patch 1

when chris first started thinking about asking me to marry him, he was going to do it at the pumpkin patch at the church he was serving at the time. he had it all planned out. the ring in his pocket. the parents (both sets) on stand by. he even played it off by booking a photographer (one of his youth) to come take some pictures "just for fun" when he really wanted to capture the moment.

i ruined it all because i got off work early or something equally lame. but to be honest i'm glad it didn't happen that day because he asked me at a much more meaningful event. that is a whole other story for a whole other post.

pumpkin patch 2

you can learn quite a bit about us from this one picture.

1.we are obviously in to each other. we have our legs crossed towards each other. school of attraction 101.
2. we are oklahoma state cowboy fans
3. we wear our sunnies religiously.
4. that sign? yep i made it. no big deal.

pumpkin patch 3

ok wait it is kind of a big deal to me! :) here i am modeling the other side of the sign. i painted it both ways so people could use both sides. i'm a genius. i know. plus hundreds of people got to see it at the pumpkin patch! this makes me happy! :)

pumpkin patch 5

then we took some goofy pictures because that is kind of what we do. it is very hard for us to take normal pictures because just aren't normal people.

pumpkin patch 4

these little unsupervised guys were trying to run away.

pumpkin patch 6

don't worry. i rounded them up with my trusty red wagon.

pumpkin patch 7

and then chris took this picture of me. which i love and adore. no seriously. i don't love and adore many pictures of me but this one i do like. you will probably see more of it. more than you care to admit to wanting to see. i'm just giving you fair warning.

pumpkin patch 8

happy fall! go kiss a pumpkin!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I'll try this again..I left a comment and it's not showing up. That is a lovely picture of you Skye! Also, I REALLY like the first picture of the pumpkins. It looks like a professional photographer took it.

    Happy Fall and Friday!



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