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{girl's craft weekend}

so last week, i admitted some things to you - one of those things being that i am a level seven craft hoarder. i have no idea what "level seven" entails - i really just stuck that on there to make it sound more official. because everyone wants to be an official craft hoarder.


anyways - luckily i have a friend, rhiann (pronounced ryan, not ree-ann, that has really gotten into crafting recently, mostly because of pinterest, so she came to visit last weekend and we got our craft on.

we also got our garage sale on too! :) i got a really sweet wicker lamp (that i immediately de-lamped) and rhiann got some picture frames and a couple of old windows. i also got some sparkly white yarn - but more on that later.

wicker lamp - before

here is what is left of the wicker lamp, which is now just a wicker tchotsky. (anyone else remember christopher lowell and his abundant use of the word tchotsky?) behind it you can see rhiann's picture frames waiting for their coat of primer.

craft hoarder_10

remember these candlesticks? they also saw a little spray paint action this weekend!

spray paint candle sticks

i picked a vibrant turquoise for my candle sticks and wicker lamp base

wicker lamp frame spray painted

and rhiann picked a bright, sunny yellow for her picture frames:

spray painted frames

rhiann also bought some wooden letters to adorn the wrapping paper on her niece's presents (which were provided by thumbprint designs!) her nieces are getting to decorate their own tree this year and they have chosen neon colors for ornaments.

painted wooden letters

we made the letters into ornaments by simply sliding a ribbon through the staple that was already there to hold the price tag on. she painted them bright purple, teal and green. she also painted her fingers. :)

painted wooden letters for christmas presents

then rhiann had mentioned she had a vase at home that she wanted to fill with acorns for a natural fall touch. so we took the front yard, where i have a HUGE white oak tree, and picked two zip-lock bags worth of acorns.

picking acorns

not quite as efficient for removing them as raking the yard, but way more fun and a lot less blisters.

picking acorns

we had a couple if interesting visitors...

charlie the centipede

charlie the centipede

the other visitor

and some random neighborhood dog that posted up in the driveway like he lived there.

double hat acorns

we found a bunch of twin acorns which were so cute! they are like two babies in knitted stocking hats. we also said a lot of silly things like "wow it is a hat convention over here" when we found a lot of acorns with their "hats" still on.

leaves for gift wrapping

i also collected pretty leaves to use for some gift wrapping accessories.

painted leaves for christmas wrapping

rhiann - who now loves to paint - painted them silver for me. i can't wait to get my gifts wrapped so i can show you what i have in mind for them! :)

wrapping yarn for pom pons

remember the sparkly yarn i mentioned earlier? i used this tutorial to make some pom poms for a cute little christmas project that i will be revealing later.

yarn pom pon snow flakes

but for now here is a sneak peak!

chris and i had a sunday evening off and got all of our christmas decorations out. i know it is a little early but i like to have it out before traveling at thanksgiving so we can relax when we get home and enjoy the pretty tree!

what did you do this weekend?


  1. Awesome! I want to come have a craft weekend!! ;) I think I'm a level 7 as well - though I have really been purging a lot of my stuff lately.

  2. That looks like a lot of what has been going on at my house, spray painting anything and everything in bright colors!

  3. It looks like ya'll had so much!! I can't wait until you reveal your Christmas decor and I definitely want to see where those pretty candlesticks & wicker lamp end up!

  4. Completely loving the turquoise candle sticks and wicker lamp base. So pretty:-)

  5. The random dog...hahaha :)

    I love those beautiful now-silver leaves...can't wait to see what you do with them!

  6. Ohh I love craft days. It's always fun to see how people spray paint. I'm a hold it up and move it around kind of girl (with gloves of course). I never just lay things down and go at them. I'll have to try it!


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