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{decking the halls!}

i had so much fun decorating this year! prepare yourself for a ton of pictures...

christmas decorations

here are all of my decorations out of the boxes. i have to get everything out ever year and assess it. which is funny because rarely do i actually buy new decorations. it is basically the same stuff every year! but anyways - there are a couple of new additions. anyone spy my made over wicker lamp and candle sticks?

demdaco willow tree nativity scene

this replaced my thanksgiving vignette. i love my willow tree nativity scene but i'm thinking it is time to start adding to it!

mesh and christmas ornament

i used silver deco mesh (isn't that stuff just so fetch? yep - just threw in a mean girls reference. what?) under the nativity scene and tied each side into a little ornament adorned "bow".

china hutch

i put most of my decorations on the china hutch this year, including the yarn pom pons i mentioned a few days ago! admittedly the top still has a long way to go but i'm getting there.

snow yarn balls

i love love love these pom pons! they are so cute and whimsical. plus every time the hubs walks in he says "it is snowing!"

nativity first shelf china hutch

this is another nativity scene that my mother-in-law lori gave to me last year. it belonged to her mom and is so simple. i just love it.

second shelf china hutch

the silver glittery bird came from kohl's after christmas sale a few years ago. and the mason jar is currently holding the leaves that we painted silver, just waiting to be adorning a gift!

top shelf china hutch

why hello fun turquoise candle sticks! :) also - the basket was a gift last year and the star is usually our tree topper but i switched some things around this year.

candlesticks china hutch

so love these. thank you rhiann for forcing me to paint them before you left. because i probably wouldn't have done it!

cactus christmas planters

my cacti got plunked into some white snowflake buckets i got in the target dollar spot a few years ago.

hot chocolate mugs

my husband and i are kind of obsessed with hot chocolate. we even have special christmas hot chocolate mugs. the boot was a gift from a friend last year. she knitted (or crocheted? can't tell the difference...) it for us! it has a plastic dish in it full of candy. because i can always use more chocolate in my life. chocolate to go with the hot chocolate.

christmas tree

speaking of the hubs, he is the "christmas tree fluffer" in our house. he is so good at it. plus he was an only child and he grew up doing it for his mom along with putting the lights on the tree. needless to say, he is very appreciative of prelit trees.

also, you can't do anything in the floor at our house without a dog in your lap.

help with the christmas tree

see - sadie loves to "help" with the christmas tree.

christmas tree

all assembled!

tree skirt

the dreaded christmas tree skirt. ugh. i have such a love/hate relationship with this thing. i love that it is silver but i hate beyond anything else that if you walk past it glitter falls off of it. not to mention picking it up or moving it. but it is pretty and sparkly at night. so i deal.

glowing christmas tree

all lit up and glowing at night!

christmas ornament

christmas ornament

christmas ornament

christmas ornament

a few of my favorite ornaments.

{ps - yes i know i totally have a jewish hanukkah christmas tree. i love blues/greens/silvers and not a big fan of traditional anything soo...yeah.)

cloissone nativity scene ornament

another ornament i love but clearly, it can't go on the tree because it isn't blue, green or silver. so i display it elsewhere. it was a gift from chris' grammie and i love it. just not on the tree.

coffee table

one place i have a hard time decorating is my coffee table. it is long and skinny and i feel like nothing fits on there. so this is what i got this year. any suggestions for improvement?

advent wreath

probably my favorite part of decorating is getting out the advent wreath. the tree, the gifts and the holiday itself is fun but i need something to remind me that the true reason to be in the holiday spirit is the expectant joy of Christ coming into the world.

advent wreath

hubs surprised me by taking a few pictures of the decorations for me and he took this awesome picture. i am so proud of him. you will be seeing this one again in the future! (hint: bible study)

so there you have the christmas decorations in the mclain household!


wait. what kind of fur-baby mother would i be if i didn't include at least on embarrassing picture of my sweet girl?

Merry Christmas!

probably a better one if i hadn't included two. but i couldn't resist!

i'm linking this up with unskinny boppy, where i got the awesome tutorial to take a glowing picture of your christmas tree! come see more beautiful trees!

Unskinny Boppy

also linking up at a woman's haven: shades of the season!

& of course at the inspiration workshop over at gussy sews.



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  1. Such pretty decorations!!! The wicker lamp & candle sticks were the first thing I spotted! I love the nativity scenes you have, I really need to get one! Those yarn pom pons are ADORABLE! They really ad a nice touch to your china hutch!

    I LOVE your Christmas tree. I know alot of people who aren't going with the traditional red & green. Even my decorations are silver and red, the tree is colorful sense it's pre lit with colorful lights!

    I love what you did with the leaves, mason jars are amazing for decorating with, I used them in my Christmas decor too! Hahahah your dog is sooo cute!

  2. I love that willow tree nativity set! I have wanted one for years but can't seem to justify spending that money. Color me green with envy :)

  3. I love the Willow Tree Nativity as well and was just thinking this year it might be time to add to it, but like the previous poster, cannot bring myself to spend the money! We got the set as a wedding present. :-) We love hot chocolate too and have been whipping up heavy whipping cream to add to it which is awesome! I also love your tree skirt. I'm jealous bc we don't have one...couldn't bring myself to spend the money, even after christmas! This is the year though, I'll do it!

  4. Fabbo job on your glowing tree shot, LOVE all the blue and silver!! :)

  5. Beautiful job! I love your happy little pom-poms!

  6. Wow, I'm so impressed that you've gotten all of this done already. It looks great. And I love the pictures of your dogs. {I did something similar to my children this year!}

    Warmly, Michelle

  7. Beautiful! I'm pulling out decorations today!

  8. Cutest. Reindeer. Ever. :)

    Thank you sweet girl for the oh so nice comment on my blog. Three cheers for new friends! I read all about your bancy fall... and I think I'm in fuv. Heart it.

    New follower ;)

  9. You are cracking me up with the Mean Girls reference. Yep, that deco mesh stuff really is so fetch. I have a big deco mesh bow on my mailbox that stays poofy no matter how damp it gets! Kinda like my hair. LOVE (in a bow, not my hair).

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Show Your Glow party. Your glowing tree picture is awesome, and I love all your other decorations. I'm in a blue/silver mood this year too! Looks like I'm finally catching on. :)

  10. Such wonderful ideas and lovely decorations. You totally rock the Christmas Decor!


  11. Beautiful decor! I think the pom pom idea is awesome!! I'd try it myself if I wasn't worried about our cats batting them to pieces :D

  12. i love your pom poms on the hutch! i have a hutch that looks a lot like yours....i'll have to borrow that idea if i have time! stopping by from gussy sews! merry christmas!


  13. Awww so cute! the sight of your tree lighted is very elegant and fantastic!
    Simply glorious sight.
    thanks for sharing.

    The dog looks cute as well and I can understand why you can't resist adding those :)

    Happy Holidays,
    Anne Walker
    Christmas tree decorating ideas


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