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{what i wore wednesday ~ 9}

back for another week of wiww and linking up with the pleated poppy! click over to see lots of other beautiful women gettin snazzy!

wednesday 10/5/11

top - maurice's
jeans - gift from my neighbor
earrings - gift from my dad
bracelet - don't remember??

i love this shirt! i wear it a lot during the fall and winter months. it layers well with a fun top underneath and of course the ruffles are awesome :) 

thursday 10/6/11

dress - rue21 about two years ago
scarf - steinmart
boots - cavender's
bracelet - don't remember! i've had it forever!

the first time i wore this someone said i looked like taylor swift. which made me promptly want to go home and change. but i got over it because it is really comfy and i really love my boots!

friday 10/7/11

pistols firin baby!
top - fan store in tulsa, ok
jeans - gift from my neighbor
boots - cavender's (even though you can't see them)
smile - all for you :)

so this is definitely  not a normal work outfit but it is football season and i gotta support my pokes! we are currently 5-0 and considered one of the stronger teams in what is left of the big 12. i can't wait for the bcs rankings to come out this weekend - it is predicted we will be #4!!

monday 10-10-11
top - k-sera (local boutique)
vest - maurice's
leggings - target
scarf - steinmart
boots - dillards

this is probably the most daring, creative, "out there" outfit i have come up with yet. i wasn't sure how i would feel in leggings and a tight-ish top but i have to confess... I LOVED IT! it was so comfy (felt like pajamas all day) and i felt cute and fall-appropriate! it has definitely been my favorite outfit this go round!

tuesday 10-11-11

shirt - old navy
camisole - maurice's
jeans - thrifted from the neighbor
boots - cavenders
scarf - salt & pepper boutique
earrings - oh so sweet petite

i'm loving this scarf - it is so soft! i also think maybe i need to add some yellow jewelry? i was going for a tone-on-tone monochromatic scheme with this outfit. different shades of salmon, peach and peony in the scarf, shirt and earrings. thoughts?

pleated poppy


  1. What cute outfits! I love your scarves and your use of colors. Those cowboy boots are awesome.

  2. love your outfits! the last one is my fave- love the lace poking out and the floral scarf!

  3. Such cute outfits. I so want a pair of cowboy boots. Those are adorable.

  4. I am just in love with your bright and cheery monday outfit!! te red scarf looks beautiful with your skin tone :)

    xo Nav

  5. LOVE that turqouise scarf... super cute outfit!

  6. I'm and really loving all your scarves; the different patterns and colors are so pretty!

  7. I love the different ways you've found to wear your scarves-im definitely taking notes! I LOVE scarves in the fall/winter but haven't branched out to the patterned ones as much-love the way you wear them!

  8. Love the dress and cowboy boot combination, so cute!

  9. thanks for the comment on my blog. love your outfit with the cowboy boots--cute!
    just had to say that my daughter goes by her middle name at school which is skye!!

  10. Hi, I need to know about the ruffle top from Wednesday. I need a few more things to help cover my bump b/c all maternity tops are made for women who are about to pop! What/where is Maurice's and can you get me one of those ruffle tops???

  11. I was going to say the same thing as Alina but I AM about to pop so maybe I don't need the ruffle top as much as I thought... ;-) SUPER cute!!!


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