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{what i wore wednesday ~ 11}

back for another week of wiww and linking up with the pleated poppy! click over to see lots of other beautiful women gettin snazzy!

wednesday 10-19-11

boots - miss me from amazon
jeggings - maurices
striped top - old navy
cardigan - target
scarf - salt & pepper boutique
purse - salt & pepper boutique
earrings - oh so sweet petite

congratulations! you have just witnessed my first stab at mixing prints. pretty daring, no? i know from seeing all over everwhere that stripes and florals play nice together but i was still unsure. however i love it! (i am now on the search for a pretty floral skirt to wear with this shirt!) also. these boots were a christmas gift last year. yes. in 2010. and this is officially the second time i have worn them. sad, i know! i received several comments on them - from "you expecting flood waters?" to "wow those are cute where did you get them?". they are comfy and evidently they are cute. i just need to be braver and wear them more often! :)

tuesday 10-20-11

sweater - walmart
scarf - salt & pepper boutique
jeans - thrifted from a friend
boots - cavenders
bracelets - gift from my auntie kay
headband - cvs (goody's)
pup - that's my rebel-man! my first furbaby. :)

so on this day... i woke up an hour (A WHOLE HOUR PEOPLE) late. i was seriously rushing here! so obviously i didn't put much thought into this and just kind of threw it all together but i am pleased with the result. and the fact that rebel jumped in that last picture made my whole day. that dog is the hardest dog to take pictures of. he is such a diva sometimes. when i get my camera out he leaves the room. so enjoy it - you won't see many pictures of his pretty face! :)

ps - he is the COOLEST dog ever. i got him as a 6-week old puppy. i never house trained him. i never leash trained him. i have never done recall training with him. it was like he just knew all that stuff. he never leaves my side. he can jump eight-foot tall privacy fences (you can read about that here) and he looooooves to ride in the car. one day i will have to video him in the car. it's hilarious. ok enough about my baby. :)

friday 10-21-11

top - osu fan store in tulsa, ok
jeans - maurices
toms - uuhhh toms.
suitcase - packed for pine cove (church camp)
yellow bag - my gussy!
bandana - made by me

so for two weekends every fall i get to turn into a middle schooler/high schooler again and be an adult chaperone at church camp. we take the kiddos to pine cove camp in tyler, texas and they LOVE it. and so do i! i get to act like a little kid again and no one judges me. and of course it is friday so i'm wearing my osu garb! go pokes! (in fact that bag is full of osu gear for the entire weekend!)

monday 10-24-11

dress - rue 21
scarf - steinmart
leggings - walmart
boots - cavenders
bracelet - souvenir shop in spain

so remember on friday i said i was going to pine cove? i'm totally using that as excuse as to why i put little to no effort in today's outfit. i'm tired. my legs are sore from hiking back and forth from leader meetings and meals. i have a knot and bruise on my back from where i fell off a barn swing and landed on my back. my nose is stuffy. i haven't washed my hair since friday. i know. gross.

but you know what. i got to bond with nine goofy, awkward, fun, amazing junior high youth. so it is really all worth it in the end. to have one of them announce on facebook that they are lucky to have my husband and me as their youth leaders is really just the cherry on top.

tuesday 10-25-11

gray top - old navy
purple cardigan - old navy
jeggings - maurices
shoes - toms
earrings - gift from the hubs
bracelets & scarf - salt & pepper

i'm still in recovery mode from pine cove but i am pleased to say that i am feeling better and a little more rested! :) happy wednesday everyone! :)

pleated poppy


  1. Super cute, Skye!!! You're so stylish, even with your OSU t-shirt! Love it. Can't wait to see what you have planned for Rhapsody!

  2. You have such cute style!! You have the some of the cutest outfits I have ever seen!!! Oh && those boots on Wednesday totally stole my heart!!

  3. I have been playing with mixing prints, too. It is so liberating! I think you did a great job. It looks fun and totally goes together!

  4. I really like the floral scarf matched with the striped top! I would have never tried that on my own! I'm totally on the hunt for something similar now. Thanks Skye!


  5. You are too cute! I love the outfits you put together. Love you, girl!

  6. Cute mixing of patterns, love the floral with the stripes! Very cool!
    Plus, my hubby went to OSU- always fun to see the orange and black!

  7. cute outfits!! especially love your boots and scarves!! I'm from Oklahoma - but I'm an OU fan!!!!

  8. Great outfits. Loved looking at what all you put together!


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