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{what i wore wednesday ~ 10}

back for another week of wiww and linking up with the pleated poppy! click over to see lots of other beautiful women gettin snazzy!

wednesday 10-12-11

top - thrifted from the neighbor
boots - dillards
scarf - salt & pepper boutique on antique alley in west monroe
bracelet - don't remember??

this dress is super comfy. the only concern i have is that it looks like someone cut the hems off the sleeves - maybe because they were originally too tight? i didn't even notice until i got to work though, so maybe no one else will notice either? these boots were a gift from my mom almost EIGHT whole years ago for my first real job interview. they are antonio melani from dillards and i'm pretty sure i have gotten my mom's money's worth out of them. they are still in really good shape too! :) yay for timeless boots!

thursday 10-13-11

black shirt - downeast basics from bent oaks boutique on antique alley in west monroe
red sweater - dillards
skinnies - target
boots - dillards
necklace - shane & co. on the boardwalk in shreveport
bracelets - salt & pepper boutique on antique alley in west monroe

classic red & black combination today. i wasn't feeling very creative but i thought i would jazz it up a bit with a cool necklace. i remember when i saw this necklace the first time. it literally screamed at me from across the store! i have never seen another one like it. it is a total statement piece. also, the boots and the sweater were 75% off scores at dillards. i have had both for years. i'm also learning how fun and versatile bangle bracelets are. i think i need several more sets! :)

friday 10-14-11

pistols firin baby!
top - old navy
jeans - thrifted from a friend
boots - cavender's (even though you can't see them)
scarf - steinmart
necklace - salt & pepper boutique on antique alley in west monroe
bracelet - souvenir shop in spain

once again i'm pulling out the orange and black to support my beloved cowboys! fridays are usually casual for me but i wanted a different combination of orange and black today to look cute without wearing an osu shirt. so out came the orange scarf again. i have been getting a lot of complements when i wear it so what the heck! also - you can probably tell i am out of makeup AND windex wipes in this picture. :)

monday 10-17-11

top - downeast basics at bent oaks boutique on antique alley in west monroe
scarf - salt & pepper boutique on antique alley in west monroe
jeans - dillards
sandals - target
bracelets - souvenir shop in spain
hair - messy bun and flower headband from cvs

i am having a love/hate relationship with what our area calls "fall weather" at this juncture. i have to wear and scarf and sandals because it is 50 degrees when i leave the house in the mornings and 80 degrees when i leave to come home. this makes for interesting wardrobe choices and it is very annoying. i am, however, loving my downeast basics shirts! they are so comfy, great for layering and fit like a charm. everyone needs them. i'm saving up pennies to get one in every style and every color! also, i tried out a messy bun with a hippie-like headband today. i don't know how i feel about it. i'm just not very good at rocking a bohemian look for some reason. thoughts??

tuesday 10-18-11

dress - thrifted from the neighbor (it is the same as the one i wore on wednesday, just a different color! *wink*)
leggings - target
boots - cavenders
earring - gift from the hubby
scarf - steinmart
necklace - northeast trading company

all i kept thinking today is... i'm wearing black and brown. i'm wearing black and brown. i'm wearing black and brown. clearly this is something i am not very comfortable with. my grandma, who spoiled me from the get go with guess jeans and esprit shirt and keds, brainwashed me to believe that black and brown were never to be worn together. well today, sad as i am to say it, i think my grandma might have rolled over in her grave. i'm kind of digging it. i love the combination of black and cognac for fall and this is about as close as i can get to that while workin with what i've got. and it was super comfy. leggings = wearing pajamas to work. bonus.

pleated poppy


  1. Hey there! Following you from WIWW! I love your style and outfits! Hope to see you around my place sometime :) xx

  2. Coming from WIWW. Love your outfits! You have some rockin' accessories! I love all of them, esp. that chevron cuff! *swoon*

    I totally do black and brown! I like it!

  3. Love those black boots! Your outfits are so adorable!

  4. You look lush in all your outfits !

    Just been checking out your Etsy store and I looooove your stuff :)

  5. Will you post how to tie your scarf, the orange one? It looks really cute! I hear ya about the "fall" weather, it is annoying.

  6. I love looking at your outfits. I know cute when I see it, but it can be hard to create for myself. I am tall, plus-size and every long legged...almost nothing fits just right. I think I need to start a tailoring fund :). Anyway, love the fun outfits you put together!!

  7. I can't do Bohemian either... It's just not me. If you're really having a hard time with black/brown in combination, maybe wear one of them in a print form? I did black/white stripes this week with a camel (brown) sweater and it felt kinda good. I think even my Southern grandmother would have been okay with it. I used red as my pop of color, but I'm loving the choice of teal, as well. May have to steal that idea!

  8. haha im into black and brown this season, never thought id be saying that either! and i totally understand what you mean about the weather- its like that here, too! makes picking out your outfits a challenge!

  9. your scarves and bracelets are AWESOME!

  10. I love the green top you chic thing! Style is so important and you do it well :-)


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