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{tiny celebrations}

i have stated several times on here that i am not worried about gaining tons of followers and that my main focus is to blog about things that i want to blog about and that make me happy. well a couple of really cool things happened last week that made me a very happy little blogger!

first of all, i hit 100 followers! like i said, it wasn't like i was trying to hit a goal or that i constantly check to see, but i logged in the other day and it kind of jumped out at me! i guess that extra digit there just didn't look right and caught my attention!


anywho - to my new followers - thank you so much for following me! i really hope you find something relevant and funny to read here that will keep you coming back. here are a couple of posts that i recommend to kind of get to know me and what i am about:

who i am, really
how i feel about my job
why i blog and what scares me
making friends and building community
how i don't have baby rabies

also - please leave a comment and introduce yourself! give me the url to your blog and tell me one fun fact about yourself! i love to meet new people and support other bloggers and i really want to meet YOU!

in other news... i mentioned makin' cute blogs in my blog design inspiration post a while back. every friday she features a blogger that has designed their own blog and last friday she featured me! i was so excited because i put so much work into making this place my second home. i'm very proud of this little badge :)

Makin' Cute Blogs - DIY Cute Blog Award

lastly, i am so very excited to announce that this year i will be participating in two gift guides for the holidays! starting tomorrow is
{the holiday gift guide, 2011} over at gussy sews!

gussy sews holiday gift guide

the other is the handmade holiday gift guide at jessicaNdesigns!

jessicaNdesigns handmade holiday gift guide

make sure you click over to her guide to see all the pretty handmade these pretty ladies are promoting all through the months of october, november and december!

i hope everyone has a great weekend! we have big plans this weekend and i will be back to share some fun pictures with you! happy friday lovelies!

in the mean time, stay tuned for my first sponsor shopping post next monday!


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