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{subway art & a tribute to my cowboys!}

this year, toe met leather for what will undoubtedly be a brilliant college football season. what with all the drama surrounding all of the teams and their shenanigans i can't wait to see how the season unfolds.

i. big. fat. puffy. heart. love. college football. if you follow me on twitter you have probably gathered this much already.

so much in fact that on our honeymoon three years ago (sheesh - three years? where does the time go?) i woke up one morning, stretched, curled around my new husband and whispered in his ear...

i can't wait for college football!!

according to my hubs, that is the moment he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he married the right woman! and every year, around july, i start getting really antsy and excited for the season. last saturday we spent the day decorating the living room for football season!


i know you are probably scratching your head wondering why, being from texas and living in louisiana, i'm an an oklahoma state cowboy fans. well i went to college at letourneau university (no football team) and chris went to centenary college (no football team). chris' dad and aunt were born and raised in oklahoma and both went to oklahoma state so we sort of adopted them as our team!


these beautiful plates were a christmas gift from jared and alina a couple of years ago and i cannot wait every year to put them out! this year i tried to come up with creative ways to display them. i wanted it to look more intentional and less haphazard, which is how my "decorating" usually turns out.


we have also started a collection of osu trinkets and this year i wanted to incorporate them as well. so i scoured the house for randomly placed plush bears and footballs, bandanas and other memorabilia to decorate with. i have to say that even though we do have quite a bit of osu stuff, i'm itching to get some other little things. especially now since i have a better idea of where it will go! :)


one of my favorite osu trinkets that usually sits out all year long is my osu scentsy! i keep in the man cave when it isn't football season to keep it from smelling like a 12-year-old-boy in there. but i love to bust it out for football season!


in this corner on the top shelf i desperately needed another pop of color! i thought it would be the perfect spot for some subway art! so i grabbed a picture frame from our gallery wall (which will now have a blank spot in it until the national championship is over - sacrifices must be made people!) and worked up a bit of subway art using microsoft publisher! in the picture on the left, you see chris' aunt jeanne (who we call tink because as a child she was a dead-ringer for tinkerbell) and her husband larue with their pup. jeanne is chris' aunt that went to osu so it seems fitting to have her picture in with the rest of our memorabilia!

OSU Subway Art

i had a lot of fun with this and i am considering adding some of these to the shop. i have looked around and haven't seen much in the way of college football subway art pertaining to specific teams. or i might just make some for fun for my friends! :) leave me a comment with your fave football team and you just might get a surprise from me! :)

ATM Subway Art

here is another one i did for my dear friend rhiann who is, quite obviously, an aggie!


also, i'd just like to throw out there that WE DEBUTED #4 ON THE BCS RANKINGS LAST SUNDAY NIGHT! this is the highest osu has ever been ranked by the bcs and it means we have a real shot to the title game. they (when i say they i mean all the people that really understand the bcs) are calling this the "season of hope". i am calling this the "season of one box of alkaseltzer per game" because i get so nervous and anxious every time the boys step out on the field!

so do you do anything special for college football season? any great tailgating tips to share? i think we are hosting a couple of tailgating parties for the young adults at our church this year so i could definitely use them! who is your favorite college football team??


  1. I'm not a fan of theirs but you have some totally cute decorations! I {heart} football season! I want to decorate so bad, but will have to wait until next year when I can either afford to make them or afford to buy them.

    Oh and I seriously...seriously think you should put the subway art in your shop! You kick boootttaayyy at it. Also, *cough* my favorite team is texas longhorns *cough*

    Happy Friday friend!!

  2. I know MANY men who would
    climb mountains and swim seas
    for a woman like YOU!!!!!
    So fun:)
    happy trails this Fall,


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