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{pinterest fail}

earlier this summer while perusing through pinterest, i came across this pin for dried strawberries. i was instantly reminded of a particularly delicious one pound bag of dried strawberries from central market that i devoured in less than a day and got really excited! so i repinned it to my deliciousness board and set a mental note to buy some strawberries on my way home from work that day.

then i saw something shiny and totally forgot about the pin, the recipe and the strawberries.

until we went to baton rouge a couple of weekends ago. alina sliced up some of the biggest, sweetest strawberries i have ever seen this late in the season and we ate them with roasted & salted almonds and it was a delicious snack. while i was sitting there eating these delectable strawberries, alarm bells started ringing in my head.

i thought about the dried strawberries from central market, pondered on how to make dried strawberries and... wait just a hot second. I PINNED A DRIED STRAWBERRY RECIPE! eureka!

and that folks is how a reverse train of thought works. in case you were wondering.

so i printed out the recipe, bought some strawberries at brookshire's and with single-minded devotion drove home and started slicing them according to this recipe:

dried strawberries from the world wide gourmet

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you how to NOT dry strawberries.

strawberries 5

step one: don't rush into brookshires and buy the first box of strawberries your fingers touch. take your time and look for the biggest, plumpest ones with bright red skin. once the prize package of strawberries has been located, take them home, wash them and lay them out on a cookie sheet. do not, i repeat, DO NOT slice them up, quarter them, dice them or julienne them. leave them in all their beautiful heart-shaped glory.

strawberries 6

step two: put on the "yes-i-am-a-crazy-woman" apron to keep the strawberry juice from staining a shirt you aren't exactly sure how to wash since it has lace on it.

strawberries 3

step three: set your oven to 210 degrees. arrange the strawberries in a single layer on a baking sheet and sprinkle with salt and pepper. (wait - can you even stack strawberries? nevermind.) place in the oven. do not leave your house (like i did - the husband and i went to dinner). stay home and check on the strawberries every once in a while after the first hour.


step four: do not allow the strawberries to become dark, burnt, or crispy. a dark, burnt or crispy strawberry does not a chewy & delicious snack make. the recipe says to leave them in the oven for 3 hours. i would suspect that had i not sliced these pretty babies up they might have been halfway edible.

strawberries 2

step five: scrape, cuss, scrape the strawberries into a little pile. take a test bite of the largest one that looks the least disgusting. spit it in the trash.

strawberries 1

step six: explain to your husband that you just wasted a bunch of strawberries and make him proudly smile when you tell him that yes, you are still going to blog about the recipe.

so has anyone else had a disastrous recipe fail like this one? or a pinterest project fail? normally i would have gone with my gut instinct on this and not sliced them but i was following the recipe. i am going to give it another shot. i will let you know how attempt number two comes out!


  1. This was a hilarious post! I love how candid you are about it. Those look amazingly gross. But now Spare and I are in the mood for some strawberries and mango!!!

  2. Bahaha! I had a similar experience Friday. We were leaving for a 3hr road trip to visit friends and family and need something to bring to our friends house for dinner. I jumped on Google, typed in "Pumpkin Spice Cookies" and got the easiest recipe I've ever seen. 1 box of spice cake mix. 1 15oz can of pumpkin. Easy peasy? Think again. Unfortunately cake mix does NOT make good cookies... at all. Don't even try it. The smoke alarm was going off, I was saying every curse word in the book while scraping gooey, but burnt cookies off the cookie sheet and I only had 30 min left to finish packing. I'm getting all ticked off just thinking about it again!

  3. This is amazing. I have so many amazing food failures like this and am thrilled to see others. Misery loves company, I suppose!

  4. hahaha oh my goodness...this sounds like me in the kitchen. I'm attempting to make spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight...we'll see how it turns out. :)

    Dried strawberries sound soooo yummy--will you try it again? Love the step about spitting the least offensive one in the trash. ;)

  5. Bummer! I had that one pinned too, but one of my IRL friends told me she'd tried it and it failed too. Not your fault. :)

  6. I have tried making homemade "fruit leather" TWICE now and failed both times. I'm still determined to make it work though. Most recipes suggest an oven temp of 170, but mine won't go that low...grrr!


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