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{holiday home boutique}

happy friday lovelies!!

i hope everyone has had a wonderful week and that you have all really enjoyed the fall weather. it is still haggling between summer and fall here. i have to wear a scarf in the morning on my way to work but by the time lunch rolls around it is in the mid 80s. i'd be really pleased if mother nature would just make up her mind and pick a season!

in the spirit of getting ready for a season change, and of course the upcoming holidays!!, my friend jordan and i are planning a big "something-special" to get everyone in the christmas shopping spirit!

{can you believe it is only 78 days until christmas? holy holly leaves batman!}

on the evening of thursday, november 3rd, we will be hosting a holiday home boutique! i am very excited about this because i really hope it will give me a little boost in local sales! (which i have had a few of lately - super fun! i will share them with you guys next week!)

holiday home boutique

but wait! there is more!

{suddenly i feel like an infomercial...}

i don't want to leave all my lovelies out on the cold during the holidays! (pun definitely intended) so here is my holiday gift to you! starting today, use the code HHB10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order AND i will also enter your name into the raffle drawing we are holding during the boutique! i'm not exactly sure what the prizes will be but no doubt with our vendors they will be fun!

i hope you can virtually join me for this little party! it would mean a lot to me if i could create the perfect christmas present for you!

ps: see that button on my sidebar?

i would love for you to share it with everyone you know! the more the merrier!

happy friday - happy holidays - happy fall!


  1. Awe!! Sounds like it is going to be alot of fun! =D

  2. whaaaa?
    how many days?
    oh, oh....can't do day counting
    right now.
    One. at. a. time.
    (thanks for the head's up)
    and happy season of looking ahead:)


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