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{favorite accessories - inspiration workshop}

inspiration workshop
with gussy sews

this week's inspiration is your favorite accessories! i have been avidly participating in and enjoying wiww (what i wore wednesday) for the past few weeks. before i probably couldn't have told you what my favorite accessory is. but now i am seeing a definite running theme!


bracelets! i puffy. heart. love. bracelets these days! they are a really simple way to give a great pop of color and jazz to any boring outfit. and they make me feel a little glamorous when i am doing something boring at work. i can jingle my jangles and it makes me smile! :)

two other "accessories" that i am rarely without are the rings i wear on each hand.

wedding ring

the first one is my wedding ring. the first awesome factoid about this ring is that together, the engagement ring and the wedding band, cost us around $1,200. chris bought the engagement ring at a pawn shop in kilgore, texas for $700 and we got the wedding band online for $500. i told him in a conversation once that i would never want any guy to ever spend anywhere near $2000 on a wedding ring. it was ludicrous and frivolous. well he went above and beyond and spent only $1200 on a ring that appraised for nearly triple that! i nearly hit the floor when we got the appraisal back!

the second story is that almost every. single. one. of my friends knew about the ring and the impending engagement. i had absolutely NO CLUE WHATSOEVER. most of my friends had even WORN MY RING before i ever even knew it existed! my friend ashley asked me to come with her to shop for her ring. she kept asking me if i liked this or that and i refused, saying "this was her trip - let's focus on you! i'm not expecting a ring any time soon so why even look?" she got so frustrated with me that she called chris after she dropped me off and said she was NEVER trying to take me ring shopping again!

needless to say the ring is perfection and i still smile really big when i look at it. (you did a great job honey!)

right hand rings

the ring i wear on my right hand is actually a combination of three rings. the top ring is my grandpa's wedding band. i inherited it after he passed away. he etched his name himself on the inside "john d. jett". if i ever get a really good macro lens i will take a picture of it because it is beyond cool to have it done in his scratchy handwriting. i had to have it sized considerably but i made sure they didn't mess up his name.

the middle ring was my grandma's favorite costume jewelry ring. i don't know how old it is, where she got it or what the jewel is in the middle but it is a gorgeous ring. i get comments on it all the time. i wore these two rings in their memory at my wedding and carried my dad's father's rosary around my bouquet in his memory.

the bottom ring belonged to my mother. my auntie kay has the other ring that fits to it. it is just a single band with an african-like pattern etched into it. but it always makes me think of my mother every day when i put it on.

those are my favorite accessories these days! come check out the inspiration workshop for lots of pretties and eye candy!



  1. I love the friendship ring of your mom's. I love stuff like that. Stuff that was important to the people you love. Oh yeah, your wedding ring is awesome! And the story behind it? especially ring shopping with your friend? too funny:)

  2. What a great story about your engagement ring! And I love that turquoise bracelet :) Stopping by from Gussy's!

  3. Oh, I love the stories behind all the rings.:)

  4. I love your favorite accessories and the stories behind the rings! =D


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