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{what'll ya have?}

the varsity

what'll ya have? what'll ya have?

once you have been to the varsity in atlanta, you know if these words are directed towards you, you had better have your order ready or they will move on to the next customer!

the varsity is the world's largest drive in and is located smack in the middle of atlanta, georgia. it is across the street from georgia tech and around the corner from centennial olympic park. it is always hustling and bustling with people getting their hot dog fix. you can read all about their history here


last year when we had lunch here after a grueling ikea trip there were three SEC football games going on... georgia, georgia tech AND lsu were all playing games in atlanta that day and it was INSANE. this year the crowd was much thinner so we were actually able to walk in, order and sit at a table instead of being stacked three-deep in the drive thru lanes.

what do you get when you go to the varsity?
what they are famous for of course!

chili dogs
hot dogs
fresh hot dogs, made-from-scratch chili, american cheese and mustard all on a crispy, toasty bun.

onion rings
onion rings
hand cut, hand battered and fried to a perfect crispy crunch

fried peach pie
fried peach pie
warm and gooey peachy filling inside a flaky crust handmade from scratch every single day

frosted orange
frosted orange
like an orange dreamsicle with a dose of steroids and a straw!!

one thing that kept us laughing during this meal was me taking almost 100 pictures of the food. i'm used to the strange looks and whispers but i kept getting this look from most people... like "who is this weirdo taking pictures of hot dogs at the varsity? what is so special about them?

momma yo

one of liz's favorite foods in all the universe is a good hot dog so needless to say she was really excited about eating here.


together liz and i put away four hot dogs, two orders of onion rings, a coke each and we split a fried peach pie. it is safe to say we could have been wheel-barrowed back to the car. in fact we probably should have run home behind the car.

me and liz

and of course no trip to the varsity is complete without a picture wearing the highly-recognized paper hat that is essential to the varsity uniform!


we had a blast, our tummies were full to the brim and i can't wait to go back next year! :) have you ever been to the varsity? wanna come with me? put it on your calendar for next year - something tells me i will be heading back that way!


  1. oh (drool) I'll have the onion rings, please!
    achingly hungry now:/
    beautiful shots...awesome share!

  2. My mouth is watering! That food looks sooo good! Great pictures, it looks like ya'll had a good time! =D

  3. I'm starving now! I haven't had a hotdog in SO long! Those look AMAZING! I have 45 whole minutes to until lunch..geeze!


  4. That looks like such a fun place to go and eat!!! And, here is the link to the birdie necklace that you liked on my blog the other day: http://www.etsy.com/listing/63096295/genuine-turquoise-bird-lariat-matte-16k

    And the links to all of them are in my pinterest folder: http://pinterest.com/budgetblonde/turquoise/

    Thanks for popping over to Budget Blonde and reading girlie!!

  5. ugh, you are so evil! looks good!

  6. We're going to be going through Atlanta again in a few months and we might just have to stop in here!! Thanks for sharing!

    I saw your ETSY shop announcement - I hope all is well!!



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