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{what i wore wedneday ~ 6}

hopefully this will be the first of a regular weekly post for what i wore wednesday. every week hundreds of women all over the internet come up with awesome outfits, take great pictures of themselves and link up the the pleated poppy and share them with people like me.

normally i just stalk the people who do this and day dream about having a sense of fashion and the personality and confidence that these women do. i hate trying to figure out what to wear in the morning, what jewelry to put on with it and how to stand in a flattering position while i take goofy pictures of myself.

i had decided that all this punishment didn't really justify the means. and then i found out that people i know in real life actually read my blog. what on earth would they think of me for taking pictures of myself and my clothes? i bet they think i'm a complete doob.

but i realized that when i force myself to do that, i feel happier the rest of the day because i know, regardless of how my outfit actually looks and how much a doob my peers might think i am, that i put some thought and effort into its creation.

so i say this to you - if you are on the ledge and trying to decide whether or not to jump in and play - remember you are not the only one that feels like a complete nerd while taking pictures.

on with the fashion show! :)

wiww - monday

gray & white striped top - gaudy me
cardigan, shoes & skinnies - target
belt - old navy
necklace - vintage (it was my grandma's)

i like this outfit because it is easy to wear and pretty comfortable. i have worn it before though so i feel like i cheated a little and didn't really get outside of my box when putting it together. but hey, it was a monday. :)


teal top - downeast basics
racerback vest - old navy
skinnies - target
bracelets & necklace - salt & pepper boutique
shoes - blanco (shop in spain)

this is a pretty safe & standard outfit that i wear on a embarrassingly regular basis. i'd like to at least take a basic ensemble like this and learn to jazz it up with great accessories.


orange top - old navy
ruffled cardigan - maurice's
trouser jeans - dillards
shoes - american eagle
belt - old navy
necklace - handmade - bought it at a christmas boutique years ago!
earrings - northeast trading company

the big step out of my comfortable box in this outfit was to tuck my shirt in and wear a belt. i'm still not sure exactly how i feel about it as a whole but i can say that i love that belt. definitely the best $14 i have spent clothing-wise in a while.


dress - target
cardigan - bent oaks boutique
belt - salt & pepper boutique
necklace - gift from a friend in high school
boot - cavenders (old gringos)

this is definitely way outside of an outfit that i feel stylish in. but now that i look at the pictures it isn't too bad. i just worry about combining too many colors at once. bonus - it was super comfy to wear all day!

so tell me what you think? any ideas on how to style a basic outfit and make it really stand out? how do you feel about boots + dress + cardigan + belt? any bits of advice you think i could benefit from? (don't worry - i take constructive criticism very well!)

ps - if you want to see previous posts, of which there are only five, click here.

pleated poppy


  1. all of your outfits are sooo cute! this is the hardest time of the year to dress for me. I love to wear dresses but don't feel like it is cool enough to break out all of my boots. And honestly I am afraid to try on any of my pants, they may be too tight!

  2. I am loving all of your outfits, I wanna raid your closet ;-)

  3. Thursday is my favorite one!!! Very cute! Very sassy!

  4. i think all of your outfits are just darling!
    how do i feel about dress, cardi, belt & boots???? LOVE.

  5. I love layering, and cardigans are my best friend--they let me wear summer shirts in the winter! Love the ruffled one from Maurice's.

    You look adorable. :)

  6. Love the shoes from Spain-what a fun week. I hope you'll take your fab style on over to Momtrends, we co-host a fashion party called Monday Mingle every week--fashion, fun and giveaways!


  7. love the outfits - especially the cowboy boots! i haven't gotten confident enough to wear mine to work yet!


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