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{vintage fiestaware : inspiration thursday}

the prompt for this week's inspiration workshop was vintage. many things wandered their way through my mind... vintage cars, vintage music, vintage toasters, vintage lace runners, vintage bathing suits, vintage kitchen aid mixers...

but one of my many wishes in life is to own a totally mismatched, random and complete set of vintage fiestaware.

vintage fiestaware

i love new fiestaware but there is something simple and pure about eating off dishes that have fed generations of people and that are classic enough in styling and color to still be desired today.

had i had my wits about me when i got married, i would have asked people to scour their local antique shops for random pieces to add to my collection but i was honestly (and ashamedly) more worried about towels, silverware and throw blankets at the time. tsk tsk. silly me.

as of today i have not one single piece of fiestaware but that will change. it is something i wish to own and pass to my nieces, nephews, god-children and surrogate children.

what does vintage make you think of?

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  1. I totally agree! I love fiestaware! I want a mismatched set too:) love it!

  2. I have never seen vintage fiestaware. It is freaking gorgeous!! =D

  3. I just love fiestaware myself! I've always eyed it but just never been able to afford a whole set!

  4. swooning over these bright
    I'm with you....I'd do it
    oh so differently now.
    Vintage pottery makes everything
    feel a bit more alive.
    awesome share,


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