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{sponsor shopping & free advertising}

i realized earlier this week that september was almost over. did it fly by for anyone else but me? insanity! i'm glad to welcome october and the cooler weather so i am definitely not complaining!

september being over meant that it was time to take a look at my sponsorships again. and that made me feel like i'd rather just crawl up in the bed and sleep. for a long time. so i have decided to change the way i offer my sponsorships hopefully to make it more effective for those who "sponsor" neathering our fest and make it a little easier on me.

first of all, i hate asking people for money. i don't feel like my blog is worthy of a paid sponsorship simply because i don't post on a daily basis and i don't have what i consider enough followers to warrant that. so starting october first, there will be no such thing as a paid sponsorship for this blog. and that makes my heart smile.

premium ad

i will still have two premium ads per month which will still include a 200 x 200 button, an individual spotlight and the option for a giveaway. what will make it different is this: it's free! free! FREE! however i am putting a couple of limitations on it.

first, these premium listings will be reserved for handmade shops. it matters not where this shop is based as long as it has a web address. i will not be using these for personal blogs.

second, it has to be a shop that i fully support and enjoy their products. there will be no restrictions on what you decide to sell but if i don't really care for the products then i reserve the right to deny the sponsorship. (and who's kidding... there isn't a lot of things i don't like. except maybe peas. yeah. death to peas.)

lastly, i will do my best to feature two different shops each month. i would rather not do the same shop in back to back months. this is where i will need your help! if you know of a handmade shop that you think would be interested in some free advertisement, please have them email me! i would love to find new shops to work with!

sponsor swap ad

the sponsor swap sponsorship will remain the same in all aspects except that i will only be featuring four sponsor swap ads per month. this number is a reasonable number for me to manage and my obsessive-compulsive tendencies would prefer that there be an even number of buttons up over there.

so i guess that wraps up the business end of this post... now for the fun part!

sponsor swap ad

as part of my premium ad space, your shop will receive an individual (dang, i'm having the hardest time typing that word today!) spotlight that will be part of a bi-monthly feature called sponsor shopping!

i love to window & virtual shop and this is the perfect opportunity for me to peruse some shops i love and share some of my favorite items with you! i will pick three or four items that i think are darling and that i think you'd like and write up a post about those items and include details about the shop.

i can't wait to get this started - it will be just in time for the holidays! :) so please send me an email and let me know if you are interested in becoming a "sponsor" of neathering our fest. i can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. This is awesome! I passed it along to my friend, Renee, who has a new etsy shop.


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