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{self portraits 101}

this post could also be titled {narcissism 101} but i though 'self portraits' sounded a whole lot... well... less narcissistic.

totally random fact: i just got a text message that said i was the "bomb dot com" and it totally made me smile. what an awesome and unexpected day brightener!!

anyways, back to the subject at hand. i have found a couple of really interesting posts about taking and owning self portraits.

the paper mama - owning your self portraits

a beautiful mess - five tips for better self portraits

so one morning a couple weeks ago i decided on a complete and total whim to snap some pictures of myself. you can tell there was no actual planning involved because i am sitting in front of my mirror in my guest room and had just finished getting ready for work. the lighting is terrible, i'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt and my hair desperately needs to be washed.

BUT i did at least get a windex wipe and clean the mirror.

however, these pictures are me. they are what you would encounter if we met on the street. i would probably be wearing a t-shirt and jeans with flip flops. my hair would probably be dirty. my nose will definitely be a little crooked and i will most likely make a silly face because (well duh) i am so excited to meet you!

so here are a few of the bazillion i took this morning.


can i just say how awkward and totally weird it felt to do this? first of all it was at about 6:15 in the morning. and some of the positions i was in felt really weird. like i was posing for an inappropriate magazine instead of a picture of my face for my blog. i kept thinking how funny it would be for chris to walk out and see me sprawled out on the bedroom floor taking pictures of myself. yeah. weird.

and i have to say that my mirror and my camera have two completely different ideas of what i look like. or maybe i just learned that some of my imperfections are just part of who i am and i no longer see them. i mean, i can promise i never saw a double chin in the mirror but man did my camera ever pick up two, three.. sometimes four of them!

and then there are some things i never see that my camera so nicely pointed out for me. like how much volume my hair has. or how every time i look up, it is always to the left. weird.

so i have a few favorites picked out but i let my own biased, judgmental view of myself dictate that. so i want to hear from you lovely friends. which ones do you like? (i have them numbered for your benefit!) do you see how crooked my nose is or those lovely scars on my forehead? i'm thinking about doing some more outside for some better lighting. (for shame - wonder what the neighbors will think of the crazy girl laying in the grass like a playboy model taking pictures of herself...)

do you have issues with self portraits? or tips on how to take super awesome ones? ones that make me look like eva mendes or maybe katherine heigl?  yeah that is a stretch but hey - it's fun to pretend! :)


  1. Yay for self portraits!! You are so darn beautiful Skye!! =D Hmm let's see my favorite would either have to be #2, #9 or #11. I can't pick, so your just going to have to accept that. ;)

    & for the record this "(for shame - wonder what the neighbors will think of the crazy girl laying in the grass like a playboy model taking pictures of herself..."
    Actually made me laugh out loud. Haha.

  2. 7, 11, 2, 9, 8 - lovin these. but i think the whole project is great. i think i need to do this and try not to criticize my imperfections and things i don't like about myself. maybe the rule should be you can only say nice things about yourself!

    bottom line- you are beautiful.

  3. 11 & 1 are my favs. Your hair looks great! I always feel weird about taking pic or having them made. I always see my imperfections!

  4. 2, 8, and 12 are my favorites!

  5. Definitely #9! I need to read up on those self-portrait tips...mine never turn out like I expect them to!


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