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{olive you}

after the blood, sweat and tears (and not to mention bug spray) that went into cleaning the duplex before we moved in, liz and i decided that our first meal there should be easy, quick and memorable. plus we hadn't had the time or the energy to go to the grocery store so we basically had to pull a tim gunn and make it work.

we scavenged through our collective food supply and came up with these.

olive 1

these guys are the perfect combination of salty, sweet, spicy, crunchy and creamy. they go perfectly with a bottle glass of chardonnay and several consecutive episodes of friends from season three. they are best served on my grandma's china and enjoyed in paisley print wing back chairs.

Olive 5

the recipe is simple but requires some specifics. stack a cracker, cheese, hot sauce & pickle and balance the olive on top. don't pretend to be lady-like. just stuff the whole thing in your mouth. trying to bite this thing in half is futile. it will win.

ps: we couldn't find vlasic zesty bread and butter pickles so we had to substitute regular bread & butter pickles. not quite the same but we made do.

olive 2

a couple of additions or substitutions can be made. you could always swipe a smear of goat cheese or mild cheddar on the cracker instead of sharp cheese. if you have access to woody's smokehouse hot asparagus bullets you can replace the olive with one of these or balance both on top if you are feeling dangerous.

olive 4

i think one of the most important elements of this recipe is one you can't buy in a store. it is essential that you share this snack with a friend. someone you can laugh with when the olive rolls off the top of the mountain and bounces across the floor. one who will scour the terribly-laid-out grocery store in search of the perfect cracker. one who appreciates the finer things in life - like a $8 magnum of chardonnay to share. i think that is what makes these snacks so delicious.

olive 3

and of course the pickle. the pickle is imperative.


  1. this post should not be read by a pregnant woman at 12.24 am!

  2. love the recipe
    and the resilliance:)


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