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{friday favorites @ skinned knees}

when i reached out to all of you and asked you to be friends with me (mmmkay) one of the lovely ladies that contacted me was christy at skinned knees. aside from having a lovely blog and being a beautiful person all around, i was really interested in her favorite friday series. you can read all about it here.

i was looking for a reason to carry my camera more often and take more pictures and i think i have found it. i am definitely not a "photographer" so i am a little leery of big blogging photo link up parties. yeah my pictures are nowhere near professional but i want to learn and be inspired. so this week, and following fridays if i can remember... i am linking up to her favorite friday series!

this is my favorite picture this week because i think it just shows sheer determination. this is hannah, one of the girls in our youth group, and her task was to eat this entire donut hanging off a string that another person held and be the first to complete it.
{please totally disregard that name tag that says danielle - that was part of a bible study we had done earlier that day}

did i mention that this donut had been sitting in the sun in 100+ degree weather for around two hours? this girl is a trooper. just the thought of that makes me gag.

nom nom

come on over to skinned knees and see some other pretty and fun pictures from this week! :)


  1. Yum...a melty old glazed donut. I'm surprised you didn't fight her for it...it sounds like you were totally interested in eating it yourself. ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend, Skye! :)

  2. fantastic photo....I can see the sugar melting and her spirit soaring:)
    so looking forward to coming around
    more often once my gentler season

  3. Great photo!! Thanks for sharing Skinned Knees Blog! I love finding new blogs and just might join in on the photo linkup one of these weeks!


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