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{favorite shop - inspiration workshop}

one of my favorite etsy shops, that i happened to just stumble on without realizing i was about to lall in fove, is bow wow beds. this one is for all the dog lovers out there!

bow wow beds

bow wow beds makes simple but durable duvet covers for your pet beds. they are made to fit over a specific number of standard sleeping pillows so your sleepy pup can be comfy on a really soft pillow or a super firm one, whichever they tell you they prefer!

duvet covers

these duvets can also be personalized for each of your pets so they can all tell their beds apart!


they have a great selection of colors to choose from. my favorite at the moment is bungalow. such a great soft mellow yellow!

color choices

i also love their couch covers. i have tried different ways to keep the dog hair off my couch (including banning them from the couch altogether) but this canvas cover is simple to just lay over the couch and wash when it needs it. no stuffing it down in the creases, no yelling at the pups. all one big happy family on the couch together again. (they also have loveseat covers and chair covers too!)

couch cover

but my favorite favorite thing from bow wow beds is this awesome crate cover. i have been searching for a way to cover sadie's crate without emptying my bank account to do it. have you looked these up? they can be pricey! these are all reasonably priced and made from super durable canvas and can be personalized also!

dog crate cover

i am saving up my pennies to get one of these for myself for christmas. i am loving this shop! it takes some of the hard and less rewarding parts of owning a dog and makes them easier and easier on the eyes. i'm all for that!

i'm linking up at gussy sews today! come find a ton of new shops to lall in fove with!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. Oh my goodness, everything here is so cute and such perfect timing for me. I have a wire crate for my dog and just yesterday rearranged a bit and pushed the back of the crate up against the wall so it wasn't in the middle of the room. WELL! apparently there was a REASON I had it in the middle of the room! My dog TORE UP the drywall from INSIDE the cage like he was digging a hole to China or something. I am definitely off the check out those covers now!

  2. Adorable! These are so lovely! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  3. I really want one of everything, especially those dog bed covers! Have you tried the couch covers? We got some at Target that don't really stay on very well. Just curious. It may be worth the extra $ just to have some that stay on better! Miss you!


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