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{broken bones, agent booth and business}

oh my word does time every fly. i cannot believe that it has been a week since i posted something. it was never my intention to go this long but we had some crazy stuff come up that has kept me from being super active around here.

first of all, my co-worker broke her arm. while this left me very busy at work (and therefore a little happier around here than usual) that left little time for the three-r's of blogging... writing, reading and responding!

then, at home, our internet isn't working. we aren't sure if it is the internet provider (cox communications) or our wireless router which is about 8 years old. thankfully someone in our neighborhood has a unprotected wireless signal that we have been piggybacking on but hopefully we can get ours fixed soon.

mostly so netflix comes back and i can continue my infatuation with agent booth. it's ridiculous. (ps - spoiler alert for those who have yet to catch up to the upcoming season seven)

then i made a last minute trip home to see my dad for the weekend (this weekend being sept. 9-11) and i don't like to blog on the road. i'd rather focus on seeing my friends and family!

i got home early sunday afternoon, unloaded the dogs and all my belongings, went to hang out with my wonderful kiddos at the church and then came home. around eleven we got news from our best friends (jared & alina) that jared's dad had passed away.

{ps - click on the links to their blogs to read their latest posts both concerning jared's dad, john.}

so monday evening i repacked all of our things, took the dogs to be boarded at the vet, and prepared for a sure-to-be physically and emotionally draining week. we scooted down to baton rouge tuesday (sept 20) and stayed through saturday morning.

once we returned from that it was all i could do to wash a load of clothes. i'm still not particularly lucid but i am getting there. i have a few posts up my sleeves for the next few days. i have also reopened my etsy shop from vacation mode (i wasn't sure how much access i would have to computers and didn't want requests to go unanswered) and i am ready to get to business on the business.

i am trying desperately to catch up on my reader but for every post i actually read and comment on i swear three more show up! it is a never ending madness i tell you!

what have you guys been up to???

PS - come back wednesday and you will see me doing something i HATE but that i need to do. because it makes me a better person and shows a lot of my vulnerability. for reals.


  1. Wowzers!! You have been one busy lady!! I'm glad that you are back and I am so sorry for the loss of your friends dad. :( That is heart breaking.

  2. You have been busy! Isn't it crazy how quickly the time can go between blog posts? Seems like having a blog makes time go faster.


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