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weekend recap

i had another whirlwind weekend visiting my family in texas. this is the third weekend in a row that i have driven home to see them. the driving part gets monotonous but i am always so happy to walk through the door of my dad's house and feel like i am finally home.

friday night i went out with my friend rhiann and we had a couple of drinks at a bar called willy g's in longview with a few of her friends. we left there and met up with a couple other girlfriends and had some much needed quality back porch & talking time!

GNO Rhiann & Skye

saturday morning i got some good snuggly time in with my nephew before laying out in the pool all day.

Snuggle Time with Thomas

and saturday night me and two of my best friends went and got tattoos! this is number six for me and number two for each of them. and despite the experience i had under my belt compared my two girlfriends, i have to say that this one hurt and they both behaved so much better than i did. at one point i actually claimed that my foot was on fire. yeah. it was painful.

Tattoo Collage

we all got our own version of a sweet, pretty bird on our foot.

now for a secret... this was weekend before last! shh! i am a week behind! :)

what did you do this weekend?


  1. I love our birdie's! That was so much fun..well except for the part when the needle was digging into my foot! I'm glad we finally did it! Love you!

    Happy Anniversary!!


  2. How nice that Liz was in town! That's so fun! As soon as you mentioned the tatoo, I thought you were a little behind. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a good weekend!! I love the tattoo's! =D


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