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{let's be friends, mkay?}

i'll just start by being totally honest.

i love people. i like to meet people. i like to know people. people make my whole little world go round!

do you read my blog?
{assuming you just read that i have to conclude that you are presently eyeballing my post here}

then i consider you part of that group of people i just outlined above! i want to meet you! i want to get to know you. i want to visit your blog and read about you and cultivate a friendship with you.

one of my many desires in life is to be a part of a community of like-minded people.

i consider my church one of those communities...

{hi james & cynthia, scott & heather and dan & emily!}

as well as my close circle of friends.

{hi nina, rhiann, liz and ashley!}

but i want to create a community of people to support one another in this vast world of blogging that can make anyone feel completely minute.


so let's us all be friends, mmmkay? tell me who you are, where you are from, where you live and where you blog. i want to come and see what you are all about! i feel like i only know a small handful of the small handful of readers i have and i want to change that. but i can't do that unless you let me know you are out there!

i want to support you and lift you up and spread the word about what you have done, what you are doing and what your big plans are for the future! don't have a blog? that is ok too! send me an email and just ask me a question! anything {well - almost anything} and i will do my best to answer you and ask you a question in return!

the art of friendship and relationships has been hugely altered by the social media-ization of our society. (that is not a proper term but i think it should be!) i am "friends" on facebook with people i probably wouldn't recognize on the street if they came up and hugged me. let's be honest - it would kind of totally creep me out. jason barton of the christian band 33miles and stephanie abrahms from the weather channel tweeted me once and i bet my husband would tell you i refer to them as my bffs. i consider bloggers my friends even though i have never met them and never really spent any time commenting on their blog or getting to know them.

oh except for megan who i met last night which was really exciting. hi megan!
{ps i made her a sign - check it out here!}

while i am reasonably sure i cannot alter how society views friendships i know i can change my view of friendship. i want to call you a friend! so leave me a comment and tell me where to find you on the internet so i can come visit you! let's be friends, mmkay??

ps: thank you all so so much for your kind words on my last post! it is so good to hear your fears justified and have people push you to be your best! you ladies rock my face off!


  1. Great post! And for the record I'm glad were friends and I happen to love you! =D Just sayingggg.

  2. I love getting to know people through blogging too, it's so fun. I'm Jenna, from Florida, currently living in Kentucky and I blog over at The Mommy Diaries (which I have really been slacking at recently...) Now a question for you- How long have you been blogging?

  3. Hi! I'm visiting your blog for the first time and really love it so far! I'm Christy. I blog at Skinned Knees (www.skinnedkneesblog.com) and I'm a wife of 6 years and a mommy of 3.5 years. I'm a photographer and I love Jesus with all my heart. I live in Raleigh, NC and hate summer, love fall :) I am looking forward to reading your blog some more and getting to know you! Look me up on twitter if you want, I'm always there @Christypeffly

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I'm with you:)
    life is better in community!

  5. searching for a community!!
    Im Amber Rae from Texas and my blog is Doing It My Way {doingit-myway.blogspot.com}. I follow you on Facebook & Twitter {mywaymom}!! Excited to really dive into blogging.

  6. I'm Gloria, I blog at A Little Paint. I live in Tulsa, work as an in house graphic designer for a hearing aid manufacturer, how glamorous. I started my blog to be my creative outlet because I love EVERYTHING creative. I just started following you and glad I did!

  7. I wish I could have met up with you the other night with Megan. Hopefully we can all three get together and go to Antique Alley. :D

  8. I absolutely love my sign! :) Also, I agree with Jessica. Hopefully one day we can all meet up when our schedules let us, lol!

  9. Skye, I love this idea! I also feel like I only really know a small percentage of my readers. I think it's great that you're taking something that it's easy to feel lost in (compared to "more successful" blogs) and turning it into a chance for community and friendship. You go, girl! You inspire me to do the same! :)


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