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{interesting statistics}

anyone ever look at their blogger stats?

i have google analytics installed on my blog but truth be told i think i have looked at it maybe twice? and i couldn't tell you what half the stuff on there means.

blogger now has a "stats" tab where you can see how many visits your page has had, what page they came from, like google, networked blogs or another blog, and where the reader is in the world.

it is really fascinating to know that six people in india have read my blog this week. really? can they even read it? inquiring minds want to know.

aside from these points of wonder, it also tells you what people searched for on google that brought them to your blog.

search weirdness

this is my list. according to this list, all i blog about here is pomeranians with teddy bear cuts. wow.

just some random thoughts for today. do you check your stats? anything funny ever come up? do you use your stats for anything?


  1. I may or may not constantly be checking my stats. :) It's always interesting to see how people get to you from google. I have had lots of visits from people searching for "worms in tapioca pudding."

  2. I don't ever check the stat thing I have on my blog, but this is pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I checked my stats. The pageviews by countries has me pretty darn interested. This month there has been

    New Zealand
    Malaysia (I don't even know where that's at)
    Belarus (again I don't know where that's at)

    That is freaking neat!!! =D

  4. I check my stats all the time but I use Google Analytics. I don't like the Blogger stats. I told me that I was found by searching a certain term and I Googled it myself and never found a link to my site from those keywords. Plus, it didn't even show up on Analytics.

  5. Pssst... they speak English (and Hindi) in India. :-)

    Statcounter is another good stat tool and I think it's more user friendly than Analytics.

  6. haha! Too funny. I'm amazed at the hits I get with people searching for "black lagoon pool." Seriously?!

    You know, I think I just may have to write a post about this. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  7. So I'm just now finding your blog from a comment you left, I did a post on the exact same thing last week. Great minds, I tell ya!


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