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{top five friday} my new nephew!

thomas anson hawthorne
born july 21, 2011
2:39 pm
8 lbs 3oz
21 1/4 inches long

top five reasons i love the little bugger!
duh! he is perfection! his tiny fingernails are so cute and he has the most perfect little head of hair!

Thomas Anson

he has a birthday i am probably not going to forget. it is three days after my mom's and let's face it, if not for facebook i would never remember anyone's birthday! so thank goodness his is so memorable because by the time he is grown facebook will be for us lame-o old people.

Thomas Anson

he loves to snuggle and doesn't think i am dorky (yet) for making goofy faces at him

Thomas Anson

he does really awesome stuff like mid-sleep spasms and sticking his fingers in his eyes that make me laugh

Thomas Anson

he loves to stare at his papa, my dad, and it melts my widdle heart!

Thomas Anson

oh and six. when he poops i just hand him back to his mama! plus he makes a really good object for photography! better get as many as possible before he starts moving at the speed of light!

Thomas Anson

and let's not forget seven. he looks just like his father (my brother) did when he was born!

rance and thomas 2

except for his tiny widdle ears that have this perfect notch in the top of them, exactly like his mamas.

Thomas Anson

who are we kidding. it is going to be top ten friday! he wraps his cute little hand around mine and he doesn't even really know who i am yet!

Thomas Anson

he made my husband into a super awesome uncle.

Thomas Anson

i am totally smitten with this baby! i am going back to texas to see him this weekend and i cannot wait to snuggle him! and i am so excited to share these pictures with all of you! not that he is hard to take a picture of. i mean... did i mention he is perfect?

{before you ask - nope. this does not make me want one of my own! but i promise when the time comes i will be sharing that adventure on here as well!}


  1. Congrats on your new nephew Skye! He is beautiful!! =D

  2. He is so adorable!! You took some awesome pictures. I love the one of your husband and nephew!

    P.S. I L-O-V-E!!!! the new blog design!!!


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