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top five friday {five random conversations}

i had five very random conversations over this past week. i wanted to share them with you.


{right before falling asleep}

husband: i'm glad you blog.

me: i think you should blog. it is good therapy.

husband: i'll take the rapist, for $500, alex.

me: that is "therapist" sean.


{via yahoo messenger}

rhiann: i didn't know if you had your phone close.

me: i always have my phone within an arm's reach. its bad. i'm addicted. and i may or may not check it every two seconds and imagine the little red light blinking saying "you've got a message!" or "you are popular!" or "you are loved" or "don't you have a life? I'm not really blinking."

rhiann: ha ha nice :D makes you feel loved huh? the iphone does not blink. fyi

me: add that to another reason i will never have an iphone.

rhiann: which is why i warned you


{via text message}

rhiann: yeah idk. i'm going to play golf with him tomorrow

me: wow that's a weird first date rewuest.
me: reQuest. for some reason the keys on my BB keep switching places. turds.

rhiann:  really. would that reason come in a 12 oz bottle?

me: possible. i will have to investigate

rhiann: look in the bottom

me: hahahahah funny that's where i found it.
me: beer + pinterest = amazeballs

rhiann: nice

{via yahoo messenger}
me: oooooogmmasldkjh;oiaeur a
rhiann: come again?
me: that is skye for "uuugghhhh get me out of here i have so much work to do but i don't want to do a lick of it"
rhiann: oh, we should make shirts. spark + nkotb = concert/dance party in rhiann's office
me: i just snorted. loudly.
{via telephone}
me: ups lost a shipment of our antennas - i think they fell out of the shipping tube.
lady i'm on the phone with who is our supplier: really? did you file a claim?
me: yes - ups lost the antennas out of the tube. the tube was delivered today, had been obviously opened and reclosed, with a golf club in it instead.
lady on phone: oooh i bet there is one upset golfer looking for his golf club!

so there is a nice little snippet into what my friends and family have to deal with when chatting with me. lots of random conversation that becomes exponentially weirder when i have a beer.

wanna trade digits? i promise you will be entertained.


  1. Hahahha, thanks for the laugh!

  2. Those are too funny! I always use gchat


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