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{shop update & a giveaway}

happy monday!!

i have some new items to share with you for the shop and i am super {super} excited for you to see them!!


who ever said that laundry had to be all detergent and clothespins? this fun baby in any laundry room would definitely put a little skip in my step while schlepping around a loaded laundry basket! the checkered background is loaded with color and makes this a perfect jumping off point for that laundry room makeover i know you have been looking for inspiration for {wink}! plus this one is ready to ship - no waiting required!


splashing around in any kind of water never gets old! as kids we loved the way it felt under out hands and spattered our face. as teenagers it was the ultimate tool for flirting! as adults, there is no better way to relive that sentimental memory than to run through the sprinkler, giggling in your front yard. this one is a custom order and can match any color combination you'd like.


the perfect gift for your lsu-loving fan! this sign will be custom made to fit into a man cave, on an outdoor porch or in a garage. hand painted shimmery gold letters stand out against the purple background while the natural wood grain creates the tiger's "stripes" to really make this fun!

tiger - auburn

or if you like screaming "war eagle" instead, this sign is perfect for you!

love always

this sign serves as a simple daily reminder that we are called to love everyone in every way we know how because that is how we are loved. perfect to put where you walk out the door every day! this sign is also ready to ship - no waiting required for it either!

and now for the really fun stuff! my friend jessica at all things remember is hosting a giveaway on her blog today for a $30 shop credit for one of my signs! so make sure you hop on over to her blog and enter! :)

have a wonderful week!

1 comment:

  1. I meant to tell you this the other day when we were at the house: I want the laundry sign in primary colors to go with all my Fiesta stuff in the kitchen!! I'll have to put in a custom order on etsy, I suppose!


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