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i am so excited!! my sister in law is having her baby this weekend (induced thursday morning - so God help her if she doesn't have him this weekend...)!!!

here is why i need your help. i want to take pictures of the birthing process. wait! not that part of the birthing process... but if she will let me, pictures of the doctors handing the baby to her, first moments, first exam, that sort of thing. i'm a little scared of being in the room with her (again, if she lets me) when she gives birth because this will be a first for me.

yeah. i might pass out.

so i need some help. some advice. pointers. things to keep me conscience during the process. so please answer some of the following questions in the comments...

1. is there something you would have like to have photographed when you gave birth that you didn't?

2. are there moments that i should definitely avoid being present for with a camera?

3. how messy is it. really??

4. any technical photography tips? aperture? blah blah? i have a cousin who is a professional and i am going to ask her but has anyone ever done this sort of thing? i'm nervous! halksdjf;oiane. yeah. that.

5. anything else. anything. please give me tips. i'm begging.

yay for new nephews! woot woot!!


  1. I would have loved a picture of the look on Hubby's face as soon as our sons were born.

    I would not want a picture of the baby coming out. Other than that, no. I even have pictures of Hubby cutting the umbilicle (sp) cord. (my mom angled the camera so you couldnt see anything besides the cutting process)

    From my understanding, it is VERY messy and gross. I didnt watch my own child birth process (some woman have mirrors in the room so they can watch the baby be born), but the stories were enough.

    To avoid passing out, make sure you get sleep and eat before she gives birth. Lol. When Jay was born, Hubby and I barely got any sleep the night before and Hubby hadn't eaten all day. I was in alot of pain so Hubby was sweating and on the verge of passing out after watching me give birth.

    Tell your sister in law I hope she has a great labor and delivery and that I'm praying for a healthy momma and baby. :)

  2. Yay! Congrats on aunt-hood. This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing! (As you know, which is why you're trying to be a great sister-in-law by doing this right.)

    We hardly have any pics of the actual birth, because it was just hub, me, midwife and nurse in the room and Andy was too busy being a good husband to take pics.

    I wish we had more pics of the first moments after he was born. Love the suggestion of getting the look on dad's face - I have no idea what Andy looked like at that moment.

    I do NOT wish I had more in-the-moment pushing or baby-emerging pics. I'd say get one or two of mama laboring, and maybe several of everyone else who's there, but mostly don't worry about springing into action until the baby is actually present.

    As to how messy it is - it totally depends on the kind of birth. We had a water birth, which is really really NOT messy (contrary to popular beliefs).

    Your standard laying-on-your-back-pushing doesn't get messy until after the baby is there, and you won't need to watch that part. ;)

    Have fun and good luck! Share some pics if you can! :) SUCH a miracle!

  3. I'll tell you a little story -
    My husband just figured it would be fine and that it was already planned for his mom and sister to be there when I gave birth to our first child. I had to not so nicely tell him that it was NOT okay. He got mad that I didn't want them in the room.

    I think it depends on the person and how comfortable they are with things, but I feel we were THAT close and did not want them seeing all the things there are to see during child birth :) Some people are different and don't care as much. I watched my brother be born and knew I did not want my family-in-law to see THAT! It is bloody, sometimes a weird smell, and it is gross and beautiful at the same time!

    Now pictures AFTER are a must! Pictures DURING might get your camera sent flying across the room! I think pictures of the whole family together (mom, dad, baby), pictures of them weighing the baby and washing it, pictures of them doing the footprints are a must.

    After it was over my husband said -'well I know why you didn't want them in here now. I didn't expect all of that.' LOL!

  4. correction-
    **I felt that we were not THAT close

  5. I have no advice for you, since I've never given birth nor witnessed birth, but I just wanted to say that your new look is absolutely adorable! I love the color scheme of your header! :)


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