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{daily reminders}

every day i take the same road to work. a short little hike down hwy 80 takes me to interstate 20 and then i zoom off towards monroe, headed to my little office.

it is a pretty simple drive and not much changes. until one day this popped up.

smile more 3

i had to stop and think about how many times i had driven by the back side of that sign before and never noticed it. ever. but two simple words made it stand out like a bright red daisy in a field of yellow tulips.

two words that now, every day, remind me to smile. more. i have so many reasons to be happy. i have so many reasons to smile. more. every day.

smile more 1

two words that jolt me out of the monotonous drive every day and force me to recall a happy memory and smile about it. two words that prompt me to send a sweet message to my friend to just wish her a happy day. two words that give me a fleeting moment of warm and fuzzy and put that little skip in my step.

smile more 2

smile more. be happy. keep your eyes open for daily reminders from God that he is watching over you and wants the best for you, even when you think He has forgotten about you.

i have a daily reminder that i should remember i am blessed beyond belief and that i should smile. more.


  1. What a great post Skye! Of all the graffiti I have seen, I don't think I have ever seen one that is an encouraging message. It sounds like it's just what you needed to see on your way to work everyday. =D


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