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if you read my last post then you will definitely understand why i need a little "brain-cation"

{and if you left me a super awesome comment thank you thank you thank you!}

i am going to take a break from bloggging.

i have so many ideas in my head that are bursting to get out that i can't focus on much of anything beyond brushing my teeth and throwing my hair in a ponytail every morning.

i need some time and space to breath and sort through all the electricity shooting through my brain. i just have too much going on to really pay the attention i want to pay to my precious little blog. and i'm the type who believes that if i can't give it 100% i should really just reasses my priorities.

i really thought about it a lot this weekend. it pains me to actually decide to do it because this is really a place i love to be and a big stress reliever for me on most ocassions. but when having to blog starts to wear me out, i feel obligated to release myself from it. i also have a lot of things coming up in the future like...

the impending birth of my nephew!
the search and {God willing} capture of a job that i love!
simple summer fun ... swimming, sipping lemonade {okay, okay.. a cold beer}, visiting friends...
the permanent attachment of a paintbrush to my hand for shop products and house projects

i'm not going to abandon my second home completely... i will be popping in every once in a while (maybe once or twice a week) with updates on the outpour of crazy in my head. i'm not leaving forever. i just need some time to do some stuff.

things you can expect upon my return:

a total blog redesign, hopefully done completely on my own with a fresh, clean, fun new look that i love.
{i know i just changed things up but i am really not in love with it}
new products to show you for my shop, thumbprint designs!
reveals of completed house projects
posts including less pictures and more writing - revealing more of who i am and who i want to be
a happier, healthier, refreshed, more accomplished feeling me

if the case is that you are afraid you will go through withdrawals without my daily dose of whatever it is i deliver here that keeps you people coming to the trough... please email me. i'm obsessed with email. i promise i will email you back. oh and yahoo messenger. (you can find me with my email address)


  1. Oh how I am going to miss your posts! :(

    But I understand, I took a break from blogging awhile back. It helped to step away from it and then come back to it. I can't wait to see all that you are working on!

    Don't stay away too long! *hugs*

  2. But, but, but... (chin quivering)

    How will I get through my work days without your blog?

    I understand... I'm just sad.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful brain-cation! I hope you get everything you want during your time off and come back a refreshed woman with a career!


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