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benfield/jett reunion 2012

family. fun. beach. sun.

the benfield/jett reunion happily celebrated its 21st reunion july 4th weekend in galveston texas! :)

{ps read all about the 20th reunion here}

we stayed at the victorian condos on the seawall about a block from 61st street. i definitely recommend them in terms of a great place to stay for a small family vacation.

if you have more than about ten people, i'd tell you to go somewhere else or rent a beach house. the only problem we seemed to have is there was nowhere big enough for all 35 to congregate and see each other.

which is kind of the point of a reunion. right?

anyways - here are some pictures that my uncle bobo took.

{disclaimer: everyone is a cousin, no matter what their actual relation.}

Reunion Collage 3

left to right; top to bottom:

my cousin rance, in the middle, with his girlfriend, melanie, on his left and his sister, katie, on the right
aunt martha with the youngest addition this year, jett
aunt donna sunning
adam and his son sammy - the betrothed family of my cousin tara
chase - oldest son of cousin deedee
cousins jennica and amy
bryce - youngest son of cousin deedee
cousin trent and his girlfriend angie
three generations: uncle bobo with his son jason and his youngest son evan.

Reunion Collage 2012

left to right:
donna sunning some more *wink*
cousin jason and his son evan
cousin tara with the obligatory beer *double wink*

Reunion Collage 2

left to right:
my hubby chris
me catching the frisbee while rhiann watches
brother rance throwing the frisbee

Reunion Collage 1

left column, top to bottom:

adam and sammy diggin in the sand some more
hubby chris catching the frisbee again
tara's mom cousin janey
tara - after aforementioned obligatory beer *triple wink*
one of the most awesome things about this year's reunion was to see all the little ones running around knowing that they are the next generation of the reunion go-ers and how much fun it will be to watch them grow up every year at the reunion just like our parents watched us grow up!

next year we are going to rent a house on the beach. have you been to a beach house in galveston? any suggestion as to where a family of 30-35 can all sleep and live comfortably for a weekend?

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