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{top five friday}: things...

...that i should be working on that i'm not...

prayer, quiet reflection time, and scripture reading.
anyone else get to the point where they are too busy "being a christian" (loving people, preaching at other churches, visiting your family, serving... things like that) to do the things that are important to your own walk?

this is kind of a given.

cleaning my floors
they are dirty and covered with dog hair. but you know what... i think i have more important things to do just now {see number one}

working on the etsy shop
like i mentioned before, i have the idea and the name i just need to put it all together. well now i have pictures of my first product and pictures to make a logo and banner with. i just need to do it.

i finally broke down and bought two gallons of paint. one for the bathrooms and one for the living room. i'm hoping to get a lot of painting done next week.

what about you?


  1. I think one happens to most people. Life just gets so busy that you start slipping. But i've been trying to my hardest to have quiet time alone with god in the morning and at night. I'll pray that you start getting back on track with your walk with God. :)

    I can't wait to see what your going to be doing with your etsy shop. I know you can do it. Whatever it is, you can make it happen. :)

    Yay for painting! I cant wait to see before and after picture's of it. You are going to be posting before and after pictures right? If not i'm going to come to your house and see it for myself. ;) Lol.

    Have a great day Skye!!

  2. Happy Friday Love!


  3. I could seriously have the exact same list. Even the painting! I think writing down a list sometimes is the most helpful thing to do. It's like you're committing to it :)
    I gotta go write mine now!

  4. i'm so excited to see what your bathroom will look like!! that's funny because i just went out and bought two gallons today! one for our guest bath and the other for quite a few things. exciting! i love new paint!!!!

  5. Don't even talk about my list:( It is too long to even discuss without getting a little nauseous. But I would much rather sit her and comment on everyone's blog posts:) WAY more fun!


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