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{top five friday} - five pretty pictures & a bonus!

can i get an amen for another friday!

which also means it is time for another top five friday!

can i get an amen for that too?

speaking of amen, do you know what the word means?

one of our youth once asked my husband, a youth director, that if we were supposed to be in a constant state of prayer with our Lord then why did we say amen to end our prayers?

amen is not an ending to a prayer. it isn't like saying holla atchya grrl when you hang up the phone.

what? am i the only one that says that?

amen simply means so be it or truly.

so it is more like saying i agree that truly, all the things i just said are correct and i am in agreement with them.

today i wanted to share five pictures i took recently with my camera. this was my first outing in full manual mode and let me just say that it was fun. never did i think that a root with some leaves on it could be pretty.


these daisies were purchased when nina came to visit. i have probably had about twenty new flowers bloom on it since i got it.


and this angel was mentioned in this post of yore.

john angel 3

john angel 2

john angel 1

and the bonus! another picture :D


for the record, i should probably add that my neighbors probably thought i was crazy for laying on the ground and taking somewhere close to thirty pictures of some flowers. but i like the way they turned out.

so... this weekend go find something pretty that makes you smile and take a picture of it!

happy friday!

holla atchya grrl.


  1. Amen! "amen is not an ending to a prayer. it isn't like saying holla atchya grrl when you hang up the phone." That made me laugh very hard, for the record. :)

    I love the pictures you took. Very cute. I need to get out and take some pictures, it's been to long sense I have. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Holla atchya grrl ;)

  2. OMG! I am so freaking jealous of your camera skills! You have got to teach me to shoot in manual. Please please please! I hate shooting with the green go button! I paid way to much for that bad boy to use it on the green easy setting.



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