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{thumbprint designs} shop update!

i'm pretty thrilled to share with you guys that after i "opened up shop" i got a couple of orders from close friends!

one was for my friend jordan, whose cousin is having a baby shower tomorrow.

Allie Thumbprint

the allie thumbprint would be absolutely perfect for the special little girl in your life that has a sparkly outlook! shimmery pink stripes on a white background serve as the perfect backdrop for the custom, cute-as-a-button distressed letters. this would be a great shower gift or a fun surprise for someone getting a "grown up girl" bedroom makeover! it can be personalized with the name of that special someone you love. click here for more pictures and details about the allie thumbprint in my shop!

this is the one i made for my sister-in-law... or "the one that started it all" so to speak ;)

Baby Thumbprint

the baby thumbprint can be completely personalized. the paint colors and letter design can be customized to match any nursery color palate. this particular sign was made for a baby boy nursery that is decorated with carter's tree tops bedding. i wanted to make the background neutral (what better color for neutral than gray?!) and then used the four main colors in the bedding (red, blue, green and brown) to coordinate it with the bedding. wouldn't this be the perfect gift for that momma you know who is keeping the gender a secret?  click here for more pictures and details about the baby thumbprint in my shop!

the other order was for a good friend who shall, for now, remain anonymous but here is what she said...
"so.. i would like to submit an order for one of your beautiful creations. it will go in a room of a little person we will love very very much when they enter the world in january"
a new baby! i am so excited for her and i can't wait to meet the little one! and i am also very humbled that she would think of me and completely get the shop purpose :)

oh and one other neat little note... the allie thumbprint was salvaged from a destroyed book case from a day care center and the baby thumbprint was salvaged from an old shelf that i took out of a closet in my house. i love that i got some trash off the street and made something beautiful out of it!


  1. You are so very talentled Skye. Just saw the new sign. ADORABLE!

  2. Loving on you and the beauty here!
    Bright summertime grace to you
    and your journey:)


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