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{sponsor swap}

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sponsor swap

i have been seeing this a couple of places around the blog and have been really kicking myself for not coming up with it myself... but it is definitely something i think i should do. i saw it over at all things remembered, where my local (i know, another blogger in west monroe? i die!) bloggy friend blogs about her adorable son.

and i do mean uh-doooor-able. make sure you click on over to her wordless wednesday posts. ca-uuute.

anyways, back to the matter at hand. jessica and i are doing a sponsor swap for the month of july and i think it is just brilliant! my blog is still relatively small and my etsy shop just opened so i really don't have the extra moolah laying around to pay for ads and i don't feel like i deserve to ask for payment either. so this barter system is rocking if you ask me! here are the deets:

  • i'll host your button as a sponsor for neathering our fest for one month.
  • in return you will host my button on your site as a sponsor for one month.
  • at the beginning of the month you will be featured in a sponsor introduction post where you can highlight yourself, blog and/or shop. Or whatever you feel like highlighting. 
  • you will also have the option to do a guest post and/or giveaway.
  • your button/ad will be placed in the right hand column and will be rotated so that every ad gets maximum exposure during the month.
  • your ad will go up on the first day of the month and will come day on the last day of the month.
i will start posting my ads july 1 (and holy crap that is this friday! where does the time go?) and will continue, changing out ads each month as necessary, until further notice. if you are interested in swapping sponsorship just leave a sweet comment on this post and let me know!

oh and if you need help creating a button to use for an ad i can hook you up with that too!

p.s. make sure your email address is tied to your blogger account so i can reach you!


  1. This is a marvelous idea! I would love to swap!!! I have two blogs but would love to swap for my Poofy Cheeks blog. (don't mind the mess - I am in the middle of a new blog design)

    kelsalexandra {at} hotmail.com

  2. That sounds like a fun/great idea and a great way to flow more traffice to the blogs involved. Sign me up! =D

  3. yes, please! i love your humor and insightfulness. i'd love to swap sponsorship with you if you'll have me :)



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