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owlies, foxies & birdies! {oh my!}

a couple of weekends ago we hosted a really fun baby shower for my sister-in-law, mccall!

we had a great time and i wanted to share some pictures with you guys.

diaper four wheeler

guests walked in and were greeted by this fun guy, made by one of my sweet friends rhiann!

sign in

we asked them to sign in and fill out their envelope to help the guest of honor send out thank you cards. i mean, who has time to hunt down addresses when you are busy marinating a baby and painting a nursery?

candy bar

we set up a candy bar for people to take candy home as a favor. and i know. is that cake not to DIE for? more on that in a minute.


hostesses - me, kay, nina and rhiann.


nugget. this is my mimi's dog and he is a pomeranian with a teddy bear cut. he is the cutest dog!

mccall and mom

the guest of honor and her momma! she is such a cute little prego! :)


always important - food. we had buffalo chicken dip, chicken salad sandwiches, hot hamburger dip, cheese and crackers and fruit salad.
{yummy yummy... anyone watch the wiggles? just me? alrighty then.}

my auntie rocks

the baby's future favorite onesie!

fox on cake

and now on to the cake! rhiann asked her friend to make it for us who does it as a hobby. she is insanely talented! we told her his initials and sent her a picture of the bedding so she would have a color scheme and this is what she delivered. unbelievable!

owl on cake


fox on cake


birdies on cake


is that cake not gorgeous?! i am so in love with it and am considering having another party just to get another cake. :)


  1. I love baby showers! Ya'll did a great job! That cake is so AMAZING, actually i'm pretty sure amazing is an understatement. and mmmm all that food looks soo good!

  2. I can't believe you referenced "fruit salad... yummy yummy." Bahahaha! Except now I'll have that song stuck in my head for at least FOUR days.

  3. this is totally adorable! and that cake IS amazing!! if that's a hobby, what the heck is her job? whatever it is, she must be incredible.

    also, i cracked up when you said you guest of honor is "marinating" a baby hahahaha. that's hilarious.

  4. Those cookies are adorable (I'm always amazed at what people do with fondant!)...and that DOG! I want him! We are also guilty of breaking into a round of "fruit salad, yummy yummy." It's not our best habit. :)


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