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my thumbprint

so... a few weeks ago i made a little list outlining what i would like to do during my 30 day detox. i am here today to provide you with a little update of that list!

private journaling

i am so proud to say that i have written one line, every single day, for 30 days in the nifty little journal i got on amazon!  at first i was excited about it and even remembered to take it with me on the few short mini vacays i took. then after about day ten it became a burden and i had to go back and do a couple of days at a time where i missed.

but now it is like a habit and one that i don't mind doing. it sits beside my bed in a little tray gently reminding me to remember one positive thing about my day and record it. so right before bed, my brain is full of this positive memory, and it seems to make my day a little lighter and my sleep a little deeper.

lose seven pounds

big, fat fail.

no pun intended
honest truth? i haven't even weighed myself since this began and don't remember what i weighed at the beginning so there is really no way to tell anyways.

besides, i can always start my diet tomorrow.

paint the half bathroom in my house

i am halfway there folks. i have purchased the paint. now i just have to open it and use it!

which, like i said, is the uphill part of the battle for me.

cook five meals we have never had before

let's see. i made the spicy dr. pepper shredded pork, only with chicken.
it was pretty good.
i cooked and ate sausage and didn't altogether hate it.
{sausage and i have a hate/hate relationship}

and then i went out of town for two weekends and half of a week. which accounts for 10 days. which is really like thirty three percent of the thirty days. so for the sixty six percent that i was home, i made two new meals which is forty percent of what i was going for.

so really if you do the math... it is like we had new meals eighty percent of the time.

{oh, and i didn't make the nutella}

start working on my homemade/handmade business

this, folks, is where i make up for all my bad behaivor!

ladies and gentleman
i am so so proud to introduce you to...
thumbprint designs!

love, be loved and share the love!
copy and paste the text below!:

the whole premise behind this shop is to make signs and artwork out of material that are reused, recycled or upcycled. my goal is to reduce my thumbprint on this here earth and make something that someone loves and loves to talk about in their home!

it started with a sign that i made for my sister in law's baby shower


whilst i was working on it, sanding away, creating the letters, finding a paint combination that i liked and that i thought would look well in her nursery, i realized something.

i just loved making something for someone i loved. it didn't matter what it was. it didn't matter how big it was or how long it took or how labor intensive it turned out to be. because i was giving it to her i was putting more thought and effort into this project than i had any other that had been swimming in my brain.

so my brain train took a course it hadn't been down before. what if everything i decided to make was for somebody that someone loved. or that was loved by someone else. or loved someone enough to think my creation was right for them.

everyone is loved, has loved, or is loving, right?

so that is what i want to do. reduce, reuse, recycle for those who are loved, have loved and do love.

i am still working on products to sell and i have promised a few "prototype" signs for friends that i will also list so you will have an idea for my vision. so please visit my etsy shop, share the button with others that you love and help me show love as well. and, if you don't mind, share a prayer for me as well. they have gotten me this far. :)

i will be linking this up with gussy sews in her inspiration workshop!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. Your mathematical reasoning cracks me up. :)

    But I am SO excited about your new venture! What a COOL idea! Dying to see some of your prototypes! (The bloggy redesign looks awesome too! Is it brand new or did I just forget to look before?)

  2. The math about how much you cooked made me laugh pretty hard! Let me just say, I love the sign you made! I am so excited to see more of your work, and in a few weeks when I have some extra money, I'll be hitting you up for a couple of signs. :)


  3. Now that sounds like a daily journal I might be able to handle! I recently made Rachael Ray's Sweet and "Saur" Cabbage soup for the first time. Way different than anything I have made before. In fact will probably have for lunch - too many leftovers! {Should have frozen some I guess}. Best wishes for your new venture, I look forward to seeing more of your designs!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. That journal is a great idea. I'm right there with you on #2 (it's a tough one). I must agree that your math was pretty entertaining. And congratulations on your biz/etsy shop. I will definitely hop on over after this. I totally feel the same way when creating. I just love making something handmade and more personal, especially for someone I love. Best wishes for your new shop/product!

  5. i love the sign you made & i love making things for people it feels more heart felt when you give it. i came over from gussy sews


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