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let's go shopping!

so... am i the only one who carries a camera when i go shopping and takes pictures of things i love that i can really never afford? please tell me that you slip your phone out to snap a picture of something you think is just awesome and think to yourself "this is totally making it to a blog post".

and for the love of stinky cheese, please tell me you have gotten that look from other shoppers. the one that says "wow, that girl is weird. does she always take pictures of baskets of pillows and bowls of decorative balls?" {said in my best jim gaffigan voice}

do you love jim gaffigan, or what?

anyways. since it is monday and mondays are usually kind of blah and not very colorful, i thought i would show you a few pictures from a recent shopping trip! :)

world market yellow chair

i'm pretty sure this is a yellow logan armless chair from world market but i can't find a link to it online. such a fun bright color and a great shape!

world market floral chair

floral chair from world market. (sorry can't find the link for it either) loving the color combination of grey, yellow and teal! :) and that perdy pillow is a crysanthemum lumbar toss pillow, available in brown or silver.

world market blue chair

cloud blue logan armless chair from world market - and that great fern ebroidered lumbar pillow? i'll take two of each. just tie them to the top of my honda accord!

world market couch

tivoli reversible sectional sofa. OMG it is on sale for $399.99! i'm not sure of the quality of a sofa from world market (although this one seems to have great reviews!) but this is just exactly what i am looking for. the perfect size with a chaise lounge. the color could be different but i think they offered different fabrics to choose from.

serendipity floral painting

awesome showpiece painting from a little shop called serendipity in west monroe. they unfortunately have gotten out of the home decorating business which is a shame because they had the coolest stuff there!

i don't remember how much this was but i figure i can totally diy this with a little patience! :) wouldn't it look awesome over a couch!?

paul mitchell glass vases

gorgeous glass vases from paul michael in monroe. if you ever come visit me i will totally take you here. it is expensive but it is a great place to invest in that one brilliant room-making accessory.

paul mitchell vintage paris clock

my friend nina totally dug this clock! really, it is right up her alley and would look great in her home. i had to pull her away from it and tell her it could totally be done diy style for a fraction of the cost!

paul michael sunburst mirror

and this amazing starburst mirror? it is the starburst mirror to end all starburst mirrors. a total show-stopper! but it was really expensive.. that kind of "if you have to ask you can't afford it" expensive... but if you did the rest of your room on a budget and brought this in to tie everything together it would make it totally splurge-worthy!

have you snapped a secret shot of anything lately? found a great buy? do share! i love to shop - even if i come home empty handed! :)


  1. My clock! Man, I love that clock and Paul Michael! I also recognized the picture from Serendipity. We definitely have to go back to both of those stores when I come visit next time. Have a great Monday!


  2. I can say I have never thought to take pictures of stuff that I like or want while out shopping, see what you've done? Now i'm going to have to do this. *sigh* lol.

    Let me just say, we love Jim Gaffigan and I just made Hubby say that sentance in his best jim gaffigan voice. =D

    I love everything you took pictures of, but most of all I want that mirror. B-E-A-UTIFUL!!

    (My pain meds are working if you can't tell) :)

  3. oh how i wish i joined you on this shopping trip--you found some amazing things! love the colors and shapes of those chairs, just awesome! :) and that painting..wow..so so pretty!

  4. Awesome idea....I've never thought
    of doing that (honestly!)
    I'm the woman lying on her belly
    in the highway median taking pictures of the wildflowers planted by DOT
    pointing my camera at a bird
    perched on the lamp post
    in the parking lot:)
    But now I'm inspired!
    Nice to "see" you....look forward
    to running into you more!

  5. I love all of those items! And yes I snap pics on the down low while shopping.

    So are you going to get the sofa?


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