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inspiration workshop {week four - play!}

if you want to see me get totally competitive, ridiculously fired up and inexplicibly mad at my husband... just roll out a deck of skip-bo cards and deal me in.

skip bo

i had never even heard of skip-bo until i met chris and he showed me how to play at his parent's house the first time i went to meet them. the first few rounds that we played he took it easy on me until i learned the rules and strategy.

then he unleashed on me. we would play until three or four a.m... or until i would finally win at least one hand. because i would not go to sleep until i won at least one hand.

we carried a deck of skip-bo cards around with us on our honeymoon and played all over the beaches of st. lucia. we had a few people actively engaged in our games in the airport while we waited for our flight. we play after a long day to unwind. we play during holiday visits to his see his family in oklahoma.

skip bo honeymoon
i know you can't see them, but there is a deck of skip-bo cards on the table in front of us!
more imporantly, i think the fact that we play is the most important thing. marriage is all serious and compromise and working hard to make the other person happy... it helps for us to take the time every once in a while to just put the marriage aside and play. get mad at each other, laugh at each other, be old friends and just play.
p.s. speaking of playing... make sure you check back here tomorrow for a really fun game!!! you won't want to miss out!
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  1. Sometimes being competitive over games like that is exactly what my husband and I need. A little good "fight" between us to keep things fun.

    Super cute post - I love the fact that you brought it with you on your honeymoon! :]

  2. I love skip-bo. It's so fun to play! I love that it is something you and your husband enjoy together.

  3. skip-bo ROCKS! what a great way to just be.

  4. First off, I really wish we lived closer so that we could play Skip-Bo AND Mexican Train! Secondly, bowling is our "play" time. We didn't go last week because of the move, but we are going tomorrow!!

  5. I haven't played Skip-Bo in 15 years. It was such a fun game. I wish Eric and I had a game like that we loved to play, we may have to try this out. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Playing games with your spouse is so much fun. I love when Hubby and I play games. =D

  7. I've never tried Skip-bo, which is probably a good thing because I am way too competitive!! Looks like fun though:)

  8. wow i have never played skip bo before! i love cards though and am super competitive x

  9. Stopping by from Gussy's workshop :)

    Skip Bo is so much fun!! I just played for the first time a few weekends ago :)



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