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inspiration thursday {week two}

welcome back to another installment of the inspiration workshop from maggie at gussy sews

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

this week's prompt was kitchens.

could there be a more important part of a home? the kitchen is definitely the heart and soul of a house. to me it is the place where all gather, where souls and bellies are fed and new friendships and relationships solidify.

i love kitchens.

my grandma was an excellent cook and when she passed away i inherited most of her kitchen parephenalia. one of my most prized posessions is the roasting pan that my grandma used to make thanksgiving dressing in.

i was the only person she taught to make her thanksgiving dressing and i still use the same roasting pan every year. it is like having her at the table with us and that makes me smile. :D

my other most prized posessions i inherited from her is her toaster.

toaster 3

she and my grandfather received this toaster as a wedding gift.

toaster 2

yes, as in a gift that would remind them of the year they got married. and i believe that year was in the 1940s.  i don't know the exact year because they got married, to each other, three times.

{that is how much they loved each other}
or at least that is what we tell ourselves...

i have to keep it on the lightest setting so i don't burn my toast. that is how well it works.

toaster 4

this toaster is somwhere around seventy years old. it was made before the invention of crumb trays so it always leaves a dusting of toasted bread crumbs on my counter when i put it away.

i have very vivid memories of pulling this toaster out of my grandma's kitchen cabinet, pulling the toaster cozy off of it and warming up frozen waffles in it at her house. i do wish i still had that toaster cozy. it was made from terry cloth, bright yellow and covered in orange and yellow flowers. they don't make things like that anymore.

toaster 5

it was also made before toasters were made of plastic. i love the shiny, reflective sides with the pretty swirly engraving. and yes, it does get pretty hot when it makes toast but i don't touch it until it cools down. and i know when i have children this toaster will be replaced with a plastic, cool-to-the-touch toaster and it will be relegated to my collection above my kitchen cabinets where i keep other relics that remind me of home, grandma, mimi and mom.

i love my bright yellow and pink cacti plants in the kitchen window, peeking at their reflection in my toaster.

toaster 6

wait. how'd that nutella get in there?


  1. Wow! I can only hope that my toaster can last that long! They must have built them to last forever back then! :) It's great to have all those reminders of your grandma in your home.

    ....& I dig the Nutella! :) YUM!

  2. That is so true, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the house, at least in our house! I love the vintage toaster and the memories behind some of the items in your kitchen!

  3. I love old toasters: so cool that it's a family hand-me-down. My husband has his great-grandfather's percolator. It's avocado green, but nonetheless we love that we've got it. :)

  4. Wow, what a beautiful old toaster. I like it!

  5. That is completely awesome! I love that it still works. They sure don't make things like they used to ;)

  6. I love that you talked about your grandma in this post. I did too:) I completely forgot until reading your post that I have some of her canning equipment (I did mention her canning). Wish I had more... It's amazing what wonderful warm memories these items can bring up.

  7. What a sweet story and beautiful pictures!

  8. Such a sweet post. How wonderful to keep something around especially in the kitchen that reminds you of others.

    My inspiration :)

    Came over from Gussy and now following!

  9. I know i'm late to comment on this, but I had to tell you how absolutely amazing this is! You officially have the coolest toaster of anyone I know. :)

  10. Found your blog from Gussy! What a sweet post! I remember my grandma's kitchen the most too! She had a toaster that was similar! We use to eat cottage cheese & pineapple (sounds gross I know but so yummy) & play cards at her kitchen table everyday after school... Thanks for sharing! Brought back sweet memories :)

    Sarah (The Marathon Mommy)

  11. My grandmother has had few kitchens over the years. The first one I can remember had a rolling dishwasher and copper molds along the wall.

  12. Ah! Such a touching post and a beautiful toaster. It's nice to have a piece of family to pass down to other generations.

    Hugs and Mocha,


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