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the home list

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back in january a lot of bloggers were posting "home lists" that entailed all the projects they hoped to tackle in the coming year. i am a list type person but at the mclain house, the years are on a bit of a different schedule.

as a wife of a provisional deacon in the united methodist church, our years start on june 14th which is "move day". we don't move every year, and thank the good Lord above we aren't appointed to move either*, but until we have annual conference** every year it just doesn't seem like the year has started.

{* in the united methodist church, clergy that are ordained or provisional elders are itinerant (fancy word for traveling) and appointed to churches and then move to that church. my husband is a provisional deacon (soon to be ordained) so he is able to find his work and ask to be appointed there, meaning that we are not "assigned" to a church}

{** annual conference is the yearly convening of the united methodist pastors in a conference where petitions are heard and voted on, new pastors are ordained, retiring pastors pass the mantle and where appointments are finalized}

so when/if we ever do move, it will be in the middle of the year. so it seems silly to start on any home projects in january if we would potentiall be moving in june. so my home list will start now. (or i guess, since i have started on the bathroom it has already started!)  here it is broken down by room and hopefully the order in which it will get done :)
{and for the record... we are not moving. but if we were it would be in june}

half bathroom in the master
house tour_half bath

paint walls
paint trim/cabinet
replace hardware
remove big wall mirror
replace light fixture over mirrored cabinet
put in laminate wood floors
scrape the popcorn off the ceiling
replace doorknob
paint the countertop
one day cutting out a hole in the exterior wall and putting in a bigger window

living roomIMG_2733

scrape the popcorn off the ceiling
paint walls
paint trim
replace door to the hallway with a screen door
(to promote air circulation to the return vent and demote dogs peeing in the living room in the middle of the day.)
new rug
(after the screen door)
new curtains
paint cabinets to match tv stand
(with the possibility of one day getting rid of the cabinets and talking my hubs into a built in entertainment system around the new flat screen tv... le sigh)
new smaller couch
chair and ottoman to replace recliner
new windows
(another "one day" wish)
new window treatments
(curtains and either white wooden blinds or those roll down wooden ones)
stencil or crazy wall paper on wall next to front door
(which you can't see but that is why i want to do something fun there!)
laminate wood floors
install storm door so my pups can see outside :)
update/rearrange accessories

guest room
house tour_guest room

paint walls and trim
replace doorknobs and paint doors
rearrange furniture
get rid of tv and tv stand
(or find a different way/place to have it and leave it in the room)
paint chest of drawers
put organizing system in closet
(which is my closet)
new window treatments
(curtains and blinds)
paint/update/makeover or replace ceiling fan
accessories and wall hanging stuff
one day dream - new window and open up the back exterior wall with two windows

house tour_hallway

scrape the popcorn off the ceiling
install board and batten or wainscoting on the left side
paint above board and batten or wainscoting
rehang pictures
(possibly moving my gallery wall to the hallway on the right side)
install electrical outlet so i can put a night light in the hallway
replace and move the boob light and add another one for additional light
turn hall closet into a linen closet and install light fixture
laminate wood floors

kitchenhouse tour_kitchen

scrape the popcorn off the ceiling
paint the walls and trim
paint the cabinets
(upper white, lower gray - haven't decided on a color yet)
enclose the refrigerator and paint that with chalkboard paint
raise upper cabinets up to the ceiling and put in a floating shelf below them
replace or update/makeover light fixtures
new window treatment
one day - new window
laminate wood floors

dining room
house tour_dining room

scrape popcorn off the ceiling
paint the walls and trim
replace the table top with dark stained rustic style farm table top
(that i can hopefully talk the hubs into making for me)
paint lower part of table white and distress
paint chairs and find two chairs for ends
paint china hutch
line back of china hutch with mirrors
(cut from mirror taken out of half bathroom)
find a way to hide/cover/conceal the dog crate
install an "entry way storage system" by the back door
laminate wood floors
replace back door
(something with glass to let some extra light in)
replace/makeover light fixture
maybe a rug to define the space?
(i say maybe because it is right by the backdoor and we have a lot of dirt in the back yard) 
laundry roomhouse tour_laundry

scrape popcorn off the ceiling
paint walls and trim
remove cabinets and replace with open shelving all across back wall
sledgehammer in the stupid water pan under water heater and put washer/dryer next to each other
install hanging rod to hang clothes
enclose water heater/stupid water pan
paint shelf and cover with curtain
install organizing system for brooms/mops etc
laminate wood floors
paint other set of cabinets and countertop and reorganize them

hall bathroom
house tour_hall bath

there is no popcorn on the ceiling in here
(weird yes but yay!)
paint walls and trim and doors
replace shower curtain with floor to ceiling one
replace/make over light rixture
install wainscoting on wall across from toilet with hooks for towels
replace hardware
laminate wood floors
one day - remove builder grade plastice insert tub and tile out the shower and add new tub

and lastly the master bedroom
house tour_master1

scrape the popcorn off the ceiling
paint the walls
paint trim/doors
install closet organizing system
upgrade/makeover the ceiling fan
cover wall behind bed with curtains (a la katie at bower power)
maybe paint the furniture?
(or find some other way to brighten up the room)
new throw pillows for the bed
replace doorknobs

wowza that is a big long list. i don't even know if we will live here long enough to ever finish this but it is a great place to get my thoughts in order and an even finer place to start! :) what about you? have you made your home list?


  1. *Whew!* That list is exhausting just to READ. :) But you can totally do it, one project at a time!

    I didn't make a list this year because I was afraid when I saw JUST HOW MUCH we have to do, I'd freak out. Better to be happily ignorant.

  2. *Whew!* That list is exhausting just to READ. :) But you can totally do it, one project at a time!

    I didn't make a list this year because I was afraid when I saw JUST HOW MUCH we have to do, I'd freak out. Better to be happily ignorant.

  3. Sounds like alot of great ideas! I'm glad i'm not the only one that wants the stupid popcorn off the ceiling! I can't wait to see your house transform with everything you had in mind!

    p.s. we must be on the save mind wavelength because I have a blog i've written up to post sometime this week or next of what I want to do to our house. Haha. =D


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