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five things to do before painting a bathroom {top five friday}

bathroom progress

recruit a cheerleader.

and by cheerleader, i mean someone who says a million time over, just do it already! and for the record i highly recomment cassie. she is really the only reason i have actually started painting my husband's bathroom.

{edit to add: say a prayer for cassie today please! she texted me early this morning and said she was in the hospital for some sort of emergency surgery!}

become bff with the toilet.

you will see angles of your toilet you have never seen before and nastiness and stains that you wish you could never see again. unfortunately, they will be burned into your retinas and haunt you in your sleep. and possibly make you do the unthinkable... clean your husband's toilet. {gag}

please do me a favor if you ever come over. do not look behind the toilet tank. you know this princess did not paint back there.

decide to replace the hardware in the bathroom.

lest you will be getting a screwdriver at 6:30 in the morning to remove the cheapy white toilet paper holder, towel rod and towel ring {that you just ever so carefully painted around without taping off} and then sanding the edges around the square of unpainted wall to smooth it out. and then deciding between oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. {help, please?}

wait until three days before you will have company to start it.

yup. that {and cassie} is about the only thing that makes me want to start a project. the impending deadline of family and/or strangers arriving at my house is a sure fire way to light a fire under my rear parts and get me going. come to think of it, it is probably the reason i am up all hours of the night finishing last minute projects too!

have neighbors who love you

after i cut in my beloved's bathroom with a paint brush, which i swear has more angles in it than a geometry classroom, i went to my neighbor's house to rest and say hello. she noticed my grotesque, inwardly curled hand and asked me what sort of accident i had been in that caused it. she loves me so much {or felt that sorry for me} that she gave me her rolly straight edge painter-onner thingy. thanks k!

all in all i am super ecstatic with the paint color i chose and how it is coming along! i took that big huge mirror down (which i have a picture of scheduled in the reveal post) and i am planning on adding a few accessories in there as well. i am just ready to finish it and get started on the next thing! :)

any other brilliant, eye-opening tips for painting a bathroom?

{p.s. one year ago today we closed on our house. today is the one year anniversary of being homeowners! yay! go us!}

just for fun... these are my pups!
sadie belle (the one in your face) and rebel (the one passed out on the floor) this is also a good representation of their personalities.



  1. I am sure the bathroom is going to look awesome! Happy houseiversary!

  2. lol @ "becoming bffs with the toilet"! We didn't paint behind our toilet, either, so don't feel bad. I think you'd have to be a contortionist to do that, or at least be willing to get much chummier with the toilet than you'd ever wish to. :) I would probably choose the tp holder finish based on the other fixtures in the room...but that's just me! Congrats on your houseiversary!

  3. I took some meds so I can comment now. :)

    I'm glad to be your cheerleader! I helped you to do something you wanted to do! :) I can't wait to see pictures!

    and happy 1 year of having your house! =D

  4. Hi! I found you through #bbtl - I'm a fellow classmate.

    #4 is soo something I would do! And I'm not painting, but I'm pregnant, so my toilet and I are very close. :P


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