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favorite five friday! {top five friday}

hallelujah thank you Jesus for websites like pinterest to keep me entertained at my boring, feckless job.

for today's top five i want to invite you to a party.

yep a party on a friday while you are at work. let's do it shall we??

found via on pinterest

 here is how this will work. everyone who wishes to participate will leave a comment on this post listing one favorite thing that is under $5. it can be anything. lip gloss. sonic drink. type of tea. the list can go on forever. a fun napkin. anything. also, be prepared to purchase five of this one favorite thing.

{suggestion uno - hit up your local dollar tree. no one said this had to be fancy schmancy!}
{suggestion dos - if it is a sonic drink.. um don't try to mail me a sonic drink. that's awkward. how about a sonic gift card instead?}

next friday i will compile a list of these favorite things and put them in a numbered list here on the blog along with the person who listed it. then, using random.org, each person that commented will receive a list of five people (chosen from those who also commented) to send this favorite thing to.
{which is why i suggest you keep the item under $5, or even well under if you'd like}

kind of like pulling your name out of a virtual hat. make sense?

here is the catch though. we have to have at least seven people participate, me included. {so six in addition to me... sorry had to do the math!} that way everyone has at least five people to send their gift to. and to keep it fun everyone needs to list something different so that we don't all get five of the same gift. the more people and the more variety the more fun it will be!

plus we all get to meet someone new and make a new friend.

why five? because it is top five friday! duh!

so who is in? please spread the word and let's see how many people we can get to participate! i will close commenting next wednesday (june 29) night so that i have time on thursday to get the list together and who shall send what to whom.
note: please please please make sure you have your email address in your blogger profile so i can contact you when the time comes!! not sure if you do? click here for a great tutorial from shelley at house of smiths to be sure before you comment! if you don't have your email address in there i can't connect you with the other participants and i will have to leave you out! no one likes to be left out! :) or if you want to leave an anonymous comment that is fine just put your name and email address in the comment like so: skye dot nicole at yahoo dot com... that way it doesn't get recognized by spammy type things.


  1. I will go first! :) My favorite thing right now is Shave Secret. I know this may sound weird but we got samples of it in our goodie bag at our last 5K and this stuff is awesome! It is a skin-softening oil that you shave with... you can read more about it at http://www.shavesecret.com/. But that is my under $5 fave thing at the moment!

  2. One of my favorite things right now is the 4 oz Glade Candles!


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