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blogging: back to the basics {buttons!}

as you know, i am in shreveport serving my church as a lay delegate for the louisiana annual conference! in my absence, my friend cassie has stepped in with a post on how to make a button for your blog! i will be back tonight but it might be a few days before i get back to blogging. this "full time church stuff" is wearing me out!

take it away cassie! 


First off let me just say how excited I am to be doing a guest post for Skye. I don't know about you, but I love her Nest. Not only am I doing a guest post, but this is my very first one. How exciting, Thank you Skye for this opportunity! You rock!  Now, on to the post.

I'm sure you have seen blog buttons all over the blog world. Right? Well, if not it's this cute little button that if your linking up to someone elses post you can put it on your post, you can put it on your website as one as your favorite bloggers, or you can make one of your own. Other bloggers can click on the Button and it takes them to the blog which that button is connected to. =] For the longest time I wondered how to: first of all, put someones button on my post to link up to them and two make my own little blog button. Today I am here to tell you I figured it out and I'm going to show you how to do the same.

There is one you can make from scratch and one you can make using a picture. This is the tutorial for one you can make using a picture, because to be honest I have no idea how to make one from scratch yet. There are eight steps. I know, I know. Bare with me, they are really very simple steps!
First step- Go to http://www.picnik.com/ or your favorite picture design website or software. If your using picnik without a membership on the right hand side at the top there is something that says "start picniking" click that. 

Second step- You should be directed to a web page that looks like this. Click upload a photo, and upload which ever picture you want to use. I chose a sunset, because I love sunsets. 

Third step- Crop the part of the image that you want.

Fourth step- After you have selected the area and clicked OK. Click on resize. Resize your photo to 125x125 and make sure "keep proportions" is unchecked. (If that is too small, try going up to 150X150).

Fifth step- Click OK and then click on the tab that says create if you want to add words or stickers or any other form of design you can find.

 I chose to just have words. I used Sue Ellen Francis font and resized the words to fit onto my button. I had to type the words in three different segments. My Journey and then I resized it. Through and then I resized it. My Life and then I resized it. So it came out like this.

Ta-da that's all for picnik. Click the save tab and save it to your computer.  See not so bad. Now the last couple of steps.

Sixth step- Upload your photo to http://www.photobucket.com/. It's free to sign up. After you upload it, click on the picture you just uploaded and a screen like this should appear. There will be link's on the right side. 

Seventh step- Pull up your blogger account, click design, go to add gadget, HTML/JavaScript and copy this code into it. 

<center><a border="0" href="YOUR BLOG URL/" target="_blank"><img src="YOUR PICTURE URL"/></a>  <center>
Grab my button for your blog!  Copy and paste the text below:
<center><textarea cols="16" style="WIDTH: 125px;">
<a href="YOUR BLOG URL/"><img border="0" width="125px" src="YOUR PICTURE URL" target="blank" /></a></textarea></center>

(If you changed your picture to 150x150 instead of having it 125x125 in the code above. Where I have it highlighted, change that to 150 in both places.)

Okay, important time. Where it says YOUR BLOG URL. In between the " " you need to put your web address, in both spaces I have caps locked. (it doesn't have to be caps). Next, in the YOUR PICTURE URL, In between the " " you need to put the Direct Link code from your photo bucket link, in both places. 

Last step- Once you have put in the right information, click save on your HTLM/JavaScrpit that you copy and pasted the code too and TA-DA, you now have a blogger button and the scroll box under neath so other's can "grab your button" for their page, or linking up to your blog.

Grab my button for your blog! Copy and paste the text below:

Happy Blog Button Making! =D

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  1. =D Yay for my first guest post. Thanks for the opportunity Skye!


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