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bathroom makeover {before & after}

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so i guess since you saw my home list i should go ahead and show you all the work that we got done in the bathroom!

for starters this bathroom is tiiiiiiiny. like maybe six feed wide by five feet deep tiiiiiiny. on one wall it had a huge mirror which really made you think it made the room feel bigger. but in reality i don't think it did. so out it went.


{it is currently being stored, waiting patiently to be sliced and diced to go into the back of my china hutch}

after two coats of stone white* matched to valspar ultra premium satin, the room was instantly so much brighter and definitely felt bigger - even without that mirror!

*so it would appear that someone has broken in to my house and swiped that paint chip. don't worry - the authorities have been notified and i will be finding a replacement for it pronto.

then came the scary part... the switches and outlets became extra extra dingy after i brightened up the walls so i asked my dad to help me change those out.

very quickly it turned into dad changing them out and me in the kitchen working on gumbo... it turned out that the entire bathroom was wired to the bedroom electricity and once we unhooked the switches in the bathroom the bedroom lights went out.

disclaimer: my dad is a very experience handy man. he does his electrical work "hot" so that he can see when it is working and when it isn't. please for the love of all holy things, do not try this at home without turning the electricity off.

i love this light fixture! it is from lowes and it is made to hang the other direction (upside down) but i liked the light reflecting off the ceiling and we couldn't cover that ugly hole in the wall if it was hanging the right way. so we pulled out our tim gunns and made it work.
project runway pun? anyone?

once he had finished waving his magical electrical wand, i replaced the hardware (toilet paper holder and towel rod) to match the new light fixture and wa-la!

finally i replaced the accessories and added some greenery for a pop of color and it was all done!

well done for the day anyways. like my home list indicated there are still a couple of things to do, like paint the trim, the cabinet and the countertop, putting laminate wood floors over the yucky linoleum, scraping the popcorn off the ceiling and replacing the doorknob! but for now i am happy as a lamb with my new, brighter, bigger bathroom!


anyone interested in a budget breakdown?

paint: $9.10 (after a $5 valspar coupon and using a balance on a gift card) & $26.97 (for trim paint)
light fixture: $59.98
new switches: $17.79
new handle for cabinet: $2.97
paintbrushes: $21.34
hardware: $20.94
total: $159.09

not too shabby for adding about a hundred visual square feet to a room and having plenty of paint leftover to do the other bathroom with and definitely enough trim paint for the rest of the house!

more than anything i am just proud to say that i have finished it! after hemming and hawing and talking about it and doubting myself, actually getting it done and proving to myself that it isn't nearly as scary as i imagined it would be is so worth it! so whatever is holding you back from your project - just step in there and do it!

or you know... you could always call on cassie. she will definitely berate you until you do it cheer you on!


  1. I just jumped for joy. Mentaly of course, sense I have the laptop in my lap! I am soooo glad you finished it and oh.my.gosh it looks GREAT! WAY TO GO! Love, love, love it times a million. Just sayin. =D

  2. Yay!! How exciting - it looks SO good! (I've figured out that if I can just get my husband or my dad to "help me" with something, I can quickly turn it into them doing it while I watch. Love that.) :) Congrats on the beautiful bathroom!

  3. It looks great, Skye!!! I can't wait to come check it out in person in a few weeks!!!

  4. i LOVE it!!! the fixture and the hardware make SUCH a difference. and the paint looks lovely. it's so bright in there! it looks so good!! i am proud of you for doing all this!


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