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what's in my bag?

a few weeks ago i received a fun gift from my auntie k.

i have been wanting one of these for about a year.

and when i got this, i kind of went off the deep end. just a little.

via gussy

aint she beautiful? if you have not been introduced to the wonderful maggie from gussy sews then you are truly missing out. please go visit her. i guarantee you will lall in fove!

she is an inspiration to the handmade community, creative, funny and super sweet.

here is the best part of this little beauty.

it holds everything.

in my bag 1

here is what i keep in there:

1. burt's bees lip balm. is there really any other kind that works as well and tastes as good? i think not.

2. small juicy tube from lancome. this one is called pink horizon and it tastes like bubble gum in the summer. it was a freebie with purchase so i don't know if you can get it or not. for the record my favorite juicy tube is simmer which tastes like fruity pebbles. it is closely followed by ultra light kirsch which tastes like blueberry pancakes and has been discontinued. i cried when i threw away my last tube of it, which lasted me nearly 8 years. {sniff, sniff}

and if you remember - juicy tubes are the reason liz and i are friends.

3. my check register. i have to know at all times where each penny goes because i am a control freak. i have finally trained my husband to text me when he uses the debit card. that has saved me quite a bit of stress and anxiety. and of course the fact that we no longer spend any money helps a little too. ;)

4. gum. usually stride but i had some extra extra from my christmas stocking. {snort. extra extra. ha.}

5. car keys. pretty self explanatory. i laugh now, thinking back about all the jingling, fuzzy, obnoxious things i used to hang from my keys as a teenager. now i just have my car key, house key, cvs card and a flashlight. the flashlight is useful unless i need to actually use it to find my keys. which isn't a problem anymore because my purse is a lot smaller! woot!

6. my blackberry. also known as my extra appendage. i'm not sure how i survived as a human without that thing. i lost it for approximately one hour one day and nearly had to go to the hospital from the panic-induced anxiety. if you get an email, text, bbm or tweet from me i have more than likely feverishly typed it out on that tiny little pad! by the way that is a picture of me and nina from when she came to visit!

7. my billfold. this was a gift from a very good friend for being a bridesmaid in her wedding. it holds just enough - my debit cards, drivers license, free papa murphy's pizza card and free victoria's secret underwear card. essentials. oh and it has a zipper pouch that holds approximately seven dollars before it bulges open too much. but that is good because having more than seven dollars on my person tends to get me in trouble.

8. emery board. you know - for quick sanding projects on the go. tee-hee.

9. my beloved pilot g-2 pen with an ultra fine point. i hate thick ink - it looks messy. the thinner the better. i think it is .37? something like that.


it all fits in there perfectly!

find maggie here:

what is in your purse?


  1. I love the picture on your phone!


  2. Wow that holds a lot! Thanks for posting I am looking for a little bag with a wrist strap to use when I don't want to carry my purse.

  3. What size is this Gussy that is pictured above?


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